New Artwork and New Sites!

Sorry, I haven’t really posted very many artworks for a while but fear not! I have had a bit of an uploading session, including the following:

Also, I have recently opened a Cafépress shop (although it is still in progress). Check out all my sites here:

Finally, check out my Paris Sketchbook on Flickr.

Thanks for your support everyone! I am now up to 60 sales, I can’t believe it!

To thank you, I am going to treat you to a 365 project from October. Watch this space!


Interview by Helen Isabella

Thanks to Helen Isabella for interviewing me!

Enjoy | Babibell

1. What mood are you in today?
Feeling very creative right now – I’m excited about the new Harry Potter film and am creating tees like mad for the big day!

2. What does an average day consist of for babibell?
Up until recently, school! But I have just finished school and so now I am FREE to do lots of fun stuff: design | illustrations | tees | macro photography | collage | vintage

3. A significant moment in your life?
Getting an offer to study Architecture at university :) Can’t wait!

4. An artist you have always admired?
There are SO many people on the internet whose work I adore, but my favourite HAS to be Scarlett – a superb photographer and a great friend :)

5. Your favourite personal quote?
“Il faut choisir” – it means y…