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Welcome to my little corner of the world, in a place as rural as I’ve ever been but brought close to you by the marvels of modern technology: a cell phone and computer. Most of my time is spent in the most rural province in Mozambique, Africa skirting the border with Malawi. I’m a dad of 4, originally from the U.S., doing community development work with a spiritual emphasis in Africa since 2003.

My first foray into photography came from a high-school trip to Portugal with my Vivitar V2000. I upgraded years later to a V4000 and in 2006 donated those to a friend and entered the realm of digital with a Nikon D50. In 2010, I decided I liked it so much I upgraded to a D90 and now do some work shooting weddings, documentary work for NGOs, and contracted work for various artistic projects (book covers, tourism, etc.)

See more work at or at my RB site here. Learn more about the Yawo (also spelled “Yao” & “Ajawa”) at this site. Or watch some videos from my travels on my Youtube page.

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