Well let’s just see if I can sell any of these shirts. I just want to get my shirts out there and placed upon the bosom of the world. Especially the female population. I have specifically designed my shirts to extenuate the upper curves of a woman. Or at least that’s what I tell the ladies. Right fellas?! Yeah, high fives on the house! Put em’ on my tab. Huh… what do you mean my credit’s no good here. Tony, you know me, I’m good for it. Honest, I swears.
But I digress.
Go buy some shirts.

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Send me photos!

I would love to get some photos of people wearing my various shirts. I am going to start posting them on my site. You can email or send them via carrier pigeon to b2thec@hotmail.com. And for criminy sakes, wear some pants in the photo. Unless of course you are a foxy dame, and me being a gentleman, I will not tell you what to wear. It’s your day, you do what you want.
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I just have to say thanks to the people that bought my shirts. It feels great knowing that there are people out there wearing the clothes that I made. And especially since they cost more than other shirt sites out there. At least you didn’t spend thirty bucks on a Urban Outfitters t-shirt. Holy god, what a rip off. But for super serious, thanks for buying my shirts. Hopefully they extenuate…
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