John Hare

John Hare

Thornton-Cleveleys, United Kingdom

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Hi. Sorry I’ve not been about much recently but have been focussing on other things including spreading my work onto other outlets but hope to spend a bit more time back on RB now.

Away from photography I have had mixed health and am recovering from a minor operation to remove a cyst from my lower abdomen that is going to take a few weeks to fully heal and is restricting me from getting out.

On a far more positive note Last September after putting it off for way too long I decided that a life change was needed to halt my ever growing waistline so I joined a slimming club. Since then I have lost 6 stone 12 pounds (96 pounds), dropped 5 trouser sizes and feel great. I still want to loose a bit more weight and have a target in mind but will be keeping that to myself for the time being!

The impact of this so far has been amazing, whereas before walking upstairs left me puffing now an 8 to 10 mile walk leaves me feeling invigorated and full of life.

I hope all of you are well and wish you all the very best with your photography and sales.



  • georgieboy98
    georgieboy98over 2 years ago

    WOW John, what an inspiring story – the sort of thing one usually only ever reads about. Congratulations on having the grit and determination to stick with it and the results certainly justify all the hard work that must have been involved. Goodonya mate.

  • Peter thank you for your kind words. I have done it for myself. I have not finished yet with the weight loss albeit it has slowed down now but that is good as a steady weight loss is better for the body.

    Hope you are keeping well.

    – John Hare

  • Maxoperandi
    Maxoperandiover 2 years ago

    Congratulations on the weight loss John and lets hope you are better soon regarding the operation. The wife is taking me to the Doctors tomorrow for a general check up. Hopefully will pass with flying colours!

  • Thanks Maxo. I’m feeling fine but have a pump fitted to assist healing and its a pain to lug about. No pain just a slow healing job. I am working on a new business opportunity linked to photography that is keeping me busy and have an important meeting that will define whether it is viable tomorrow.

    – John Hare

  • Gary Heald LRPS
    Gary Heald LRPSover 2 years ago

    Very well done. My diet is struggling at the moment but you have just given me the extra determination to get back on track. I have lost 2 stone and want to shed 2 more. I have also given up alcohol (nearly 200 days) and my GP has given me a clean bill of health – Normal BP, cholestrol, liver function etc. Just get those extra lbs of now.

    Good luck with your picture taking. It was a result of doing lots af walking 30 years ago that I started landscape photography. I still love it now.

  • Gary thanks for the kind words, I have done it via Slimming World and to be honest I am eating more now than I did before, the difference is its all good food.

    I have now got my BMI index close to acceptable levels now and following my operation where I was tested for everything and anything I know that everything else is in the normal range for me except my BP which is slightly on the low side of normal so I’m generally not in bad shape now!

    The annoying part is that currently I have a medical device fitted to the operation site that is preventing me getting out as much as I’d like.

    – John Hare

  • Svetlana Sewell
    Svetlana Sewellover 2 years ago

    Glad to hear that you feeling much better and many congrats on weight loss – thats a hard job – well done!

  • Thanks Lana I feel loads better. I was actually in hospital whilst Lina was over here!

    – John Hare

  • Jadon
    Jadonover 2 years ago

    Well done on the weight loss John..You’ve done well..

  • Thanks Jason mate. Now just got to recover from the operation and get back up to the Lakes asap. I bet you would never have believed me a year ago when I say I’m missing the 8 mile walks!

    Hope you are well mate.

    – John Hare

  • Svetlana Sewell
    Svetlana Sewellover 2 years ago

    So sorry to hear that but, the health is most important, we will catch up later!

  • Russ Styles
    Russ Stylesover 2 years ago

    Congratulations John…you’ll be able to get that old Willie Rhodes blazer on ‘give em a twirl’…Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the op..

  • Cheers Russ, bit further to go until the old school blazer fits!

    – John Hare

  • joak
    joakover 2 years ago

    magic stuff mate well done oan the weight loss..i need tae make a big effort as well so thats a wee bit insperation for me…guid tae see you back pal

  • Cheers joke mate. If I can do it anyone can.

    – John Hare

  • Maxoperandi
    Maxoperandiover 2 years ago

    Good luck with your meeting….as they say in the theatre…“Break a Leg”! lol

  • Lissywitch
    Lissywitchover 2 years ago

    great to have you back on track John :)))

  • Hi Sarah thanks, hope all is well with you.

    – John Hare