I am a Chinese Medicine student (taking a year off to save). I love working with new photographers and getting a feel for different styles of modelling. I have worked with a wide range of photographers and have love to try new things and experiment!

I have a background in dancing, life modelling and yoga.

I am up for all different styles of modelling. However I particularly like to work in a way that can creatively expresses the dynamic nature of the female figure, wheather by creative poses or simply by just being natural.

I also love to work with different fashion ideas as I love to be creative with clothes/costume/fabrics. I am looking to include themed work into my porfolio. I am more than happy to work with your ideas (and enjoy seeing a range of artistic styles) but I also love to explore my own creative side too.

I am very punctual and always keep appointments, so I naturally expect the same from you.

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