Belgrave Heights, Australia

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A Positive Post

Hello all!

Just wanted to share my entry to the Positive Posters competition with you. I’m very keen to hear some feedback, and I encourage everyone to check out the competition for yourselves. It’s free to enter (or you can donate as you enter), the theme is ‘A Glass Half Full’, and you can win some gnarly prizes!

I designed this poster with the notion of ‘it’s a matter of perspective’ in mind. I wanted to create an abstract shape that could be viewed from multiple perspectives. The idea of there being no correct way to view the shape, it being up to you to decide how it should be viewed, to decide which perspective is best. A glass is only half empty if you choose to view it that way; change your perspective and view things in a positive light.

Enjoy :…

Feedback required for new branding

Hello all! I’m in the process of putting a new folio and website together for myself, so i decided i’d come up with a new brand as well.

My new website, much like my old one , is going to be quite minimal and clean, so i wanted to create a brand that would sit well in this kind of setting.

The brand i’ve designed uses a set of letter forms i created myself.

I’d love to hear some feedback on the design, as i’m not totally sold on it yet.

Constructive criticism is welcome!

Cheers guys.