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Hey guys,

I decided to take up the special Redbubble/Blurb offer and put together a 60 page mini folio of my personal works spanning the last 5 years. After completing it, I was kind of humbled in the fact that I was able to fill the whole 60 pages with work that I am proud of. Since this is what I love to do, then hopefully there’ll be many and more pieces to come in the future.

Hope you like it.


AT5 book cover and logo mock up. Thoughts?

Hey guys, if you have a moment, i’d love to hear some thoughts on a design i’m working on. This year i’d like to put together a book/magazine/folio type thing as a self promotional piece. I hate putting traditional folios together, so i wanted to do something a bit nicer and more… self indulgent, maybe?… lol.

Anyway, I’ve come up with a name. ‘AT5’. This name represents my initials, AT, as well as the 5 years of industry and personal work i plan to represent in the book. To add an extra layer, if you sound out ‘A-T-5’, it sounds like ‘Eighty Five’, which is the year of my birth. So yeah, something quite personal.

It’s early days yet, i’m giving myself plenty of time to put this thing together, but yeah, wo…