What happened to you RB, you used to be cool...

Start of rant.

So i’ve been with RB since ‘07. In my time here, i’ve been tremendously inspired, met some amazing people, been pushed to develop and hone my craft, and bought many ‘a sweet t-shirt. However, I don’t know if its just me, but this place has changed in a HUGE and mostly negative way ever since the site had its major overhaul and redesign 18 months ago (or whenever it was).

What is extremely frustrating for me is that my drive to push myself here has totally gone since the restructuring. If I wasn’t designing a shirt for a challenge in the T-Shirt Revolution group, then i’d be trying to design something that was strong enough to be considered for the featured t-shirt section, which i considered a huge honour to be selected for.

When you used to click the ‘T-shirt’ button from the homepage, you were presented with the BEST the site had to offer from a range of new and veteran artists. These pieces were carefully curated, you could tell by the quality. I would check the section several times through the day for new pieces, because that was how i found new artists to follow, new inspiration, new techniques, and new designs that i’d like to actually buy. If I was designing something, I would always ask myself, is it good enough to be featured? If the answer was ‘no’, then i’d think about how i could improve it. Not because I wanted extra sales, but because the featured section was in my opinion the best work on offer, and it was an honour to be included in that.

Not only would you see a LOT more traffic and sales to your design, but you’d get the exposure to the t-shirt community that new users desperately need when starting out here.

The reason i’m writing all this is because I am so disappointed with what has become of the ‘featured t-shirts’ section ever since the site redesign. I was very vocal from the day the site changed, and had hoped something would change… but alas, this is not the case.

Since the site change, I have become far less active on the site in terms of comments and favourites of other’s work. Unless something appears in my feed up the top, or one of my watchlist people uploads something, I simply don’t know where to find the best work anymore. There’s too much crap that’s just copied and pasted from google images to wade through to find the gems… and in some cases, this is what’s being ‘featured’! I receive far, far less comments now, and it seems the once prolific and talented members that I looked up to have either moved on, or are just as inactive as me.

I apologize for the long winded whine, but i’m frustrated, and am curious if anyone else shares this frustration. The site update ripped the community out of the site, and replaced it with a big webshop… this place used to be so much more inspiring, and thrilling to delve into. Now it’s a ghost town to me.

Attached is a prime example of what i’m talking about. The ‘Featured Designs and Illustrations’ section as of the 16th of February. There’s 3, maybe 4 designs in there that may have made the featured section of the past… Need I say more?

Would like to hear some thoughts. Thanks for reading.


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