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Hey guys,

I’ve been commissioned to design a tee for a start up US fashion label called ‘Young & Broke’. Here’s the design at the moment, it’s still a work in progress, so i’d love to get some feedback…

They didn’t give me much of a brief, they just wanted it to feature an owl. I decided to base my design on a lyric from a song, the lyric being ‘shadow am i?’. I wanted the piece to be pretty simple and moody.

I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking so far, but i’d love to get more people’s opinions. I welcome constructive criticism!



  • matthewdunnart
    matthewdunnartalmost 4 years ago

    That’s really cool, especially effective on the white T.

  • Thanks Matt, speedy reply!

    I like it on the white too. I wouldn’t mind having it on some colours as well, however i find when i do a tee with ink textures, i can never get rid of the white nicely from the image. Do you have any tricks that you use? Generally i’d just do a select colour range in PS, but unless the white is quite contrasty it can be hard to do it nicely.

    – ayarti

  • Lars
    Larsalmost 4 years ago

    i love it

  • Naf4d
    Naf4dalmost 4 years ago

    I think it looks cool as it is.
    By the way, if you want to do decent selections on your photoshop file (removing the white areas to leave only the black on a layer) read up on how to use the ‘channels’ properly. Once mastered you won’t look back – it’s the best way I know how to do it… with good results.