Belgrave Heights, Australia

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Feedback required for new branding

Hello all! I’m in the process of putting a new folio and website together for myself, so i decided i’d come up with a new brand as well.

My new website, much like my old one , is going to be quite minimal and clean, so i wanted to create a brand that would sit well in this kind of setting.

The brand i’ve designed uses a set of letter forms i created myself.

I’d love to hear some feedback on the design, as i’m not totally sold on it yet.

Constructive criticism is welcome!

Cheers guys.


  • Ross Robinson
    Ross Robinsonover 4 years ago

    I really like this style. My only comment would be that I initially read the A as an N. Perhaps a hint of the crossline or even a circle or a dot?

  • Thanks Ross. I was playing around with a yellow line to act as a strike through, which gives the A’s a cross line. I will have more of a look at that direction.

    – ayarti

  • Naf4d
    Naf4dover 4 years ago

    I like it (I read it as an ‘A’ by the way). Not sure if the spacing is quite right between the ‘R’ and the ‘T’ – maybe a tiny bit too much? The space at the bottom looks quite big compared to the rest. Tricky though, as the top of the T will be too close the the R if you move it….. sorry for the waffle! It’s good though! lol

  • Thanks. Yeah i know what you mean about the spacing. I think i can afford to close up the gap a touch without upsetting the top of the ‘R’ and ‘T’.

    Cheers mate.

    – ayarti

  • rubyred
    rubyredover 4 years ago

    It’s pretty sweet. One suggestion I would make is to possibly look at the ‘R’. The other characters are so angular the curve in the ‘R’ is a touch odd. How about joining the top right of the ‘R’ with the top of the angled line on the ‘R’ with a straight line, then leaving a gap between the angled portion with the main upright of the ‘R’ – reflecting the missing horizontal from the ‘A’? Just a thought, it could look like a dog’s dinner! I really like the lightness of the overall feel though.

  • Cheers. I’ll have a look at the R. I think i tried a straight line version, but it looked a little too rigid. I’ll have another look at it and see how i go!

    – ayarti

  • heavyhand
    heavyhandover 4 years ago

    Hiya, I think its looking good. My only suggestion would be to make every corner angle consistent like the letters – Y, T & I – and lose the slight curves on the 2 – A’s & the R, or make them all slightly rounded! That’s just a suggestion of course! :) Your websites looking great! Good luck!

  • Thanks mate.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I kind of like the slight curves though, i did have it without the curves are one point, but it felt a bit too rigid. I also had a version where all the end points were curved, and it looked too ‘comic sans’ like, and we don’t want that!!

    Glad you like the website, but that’s my old one! I’m putting a new one together. It will share some aspects with the old site, like the minimal look and the emphasis on the design work itself, but i’m going for a format that is easier for me to maintain and update. It will be up soon, i’ll post another journal when its up for people to look at and criticize :)

    – ayarti