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Introducing Myself

Just an introductory entry here. But first, a very FOOLish thanks to Rose Moxon for pointing out this site.

Now, a little about me….

My name is Ray, but online I typically go by Axe Swipe (no, it is NOT a play on words….get you dirty minds out of the gutter).

I’m a IT Professional working for a large non-profit organization who has been working with CG/3D Art and modeling as a hobby since about 2001 or 2002. I primarily render in Poser and Bryce and composite in Photoshop.

While I primarily favor Fantasy or SciFi renders as well as the occassional Pin-up, I’ll do whatever comes to mind. Unfortunately, my muse played hide-and-seek some time ago and I still haven’t found her again so uploads from me will probably be sparse. Like most of us, I’m my own worst critic, so most of my images will probably never see the light of day because I just don’t think they’re worth showing.


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