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Young Palumine

Elders tell the tale of Palumine the dreamer. Palumine the young. Palumine, friend of the earth.

Flirtatious Oaf

Maybe it was the drink talking, but Zapher was finding Axel hotter than usual.

Carlos The Film Maker

Just as he was about to stand up and head out, Daniel noticed that someone was using the terminal in the corner of the room.

Memories And Sorrow…

The earth was flat again. At least in the sense that there were no longer any skyscrapers looming on the horizon. Just dirt and debris, all…

Soaps Are Fun!

Ted had a new addiction. Soaps. He couldn’t stop watching them.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow…


Eight Down


Ted’s Precious Memories

Ted was the kind of guy who collected special items.

Greek Ants

Paradise. Heaven. Tranquillity at its best.

Lady Lust

A drop of water fell onto her skin and rolled down the curve of her body sending him into a frenzy.

The Web of my Heartache

Max was sat in his hotel room. He was sprawled on his king size bed with a few scraps of paper spread in front of him, thinking about his s…

The Walrus Ball

He lived in the bathroom sink of a house occupied by two female humans. The male of the house had moved out a while ago.

The Perfect Sandwich

Ted had decided to make himself a sandwich.

Noodle Shop

“Okay! One house special comin’ up!”

Date with Dick

She felt a little better when the doorman gave a her a compliment.

The Finals

Daniel was nervous. Today was the day that he would find out if all his training had paid off. Racing wasn’t easy.
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My Falling Star

Yes, people point at us with their fingers. / They say that we cannot be. / That our love is unnatural and ungodly. / But, I am the one who…

Vision of Creation

The horrifying void spews forth its mind. / Geometric perfection, shapes entwined.

The Struggle of Steranis

It finally happened… The metallic taste of blood and the searing pain of the blade that had been plunged through Steranis’ chest was the cl…

The Loss of Lucille

Why did she have to die so suddenly? She had not even told him that she loved him.


It wasn’t much to ask was it? / To be given a chance…?
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