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Cardiff, United Kingdom

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Call for photographs of Wales

Dear All,

A very good friend of mine is currently starting up a film production company based in Wales. For his website ( , he needs photos of Welsh locations (preferably nature). Unfortunately, he is currently not able to pay for the photographs, but the name of the photographer will be on the photograph and if they have a wesbite, he can also add a link on his page.

A great opportunity for less known photographers to get some free advertising for their work!

If you have any suitable work, please let me know through bubblemail.

Many thanks,



  • Kimberley  x ♥ Davitt
    Kimberley x ♥...about 5 years ago

    fab idea

    I will add a link to this from the forums in the group National trust

  • Thank you very much, Kim!

    – awoni

  • Kimberley  x ♥ Davitt
  • Raymond Kerr
    Raymond Kerrabout 5 years ago

    Is your friend getting paid for using our work.???…….sorry to ask!!! I’m always looking for “free” advertising…but not of the cost of lost copyright !!!

  • Hi, no no, it’s just a case of showing people the possibilities of locations in Wales, nothing will actually be done to/with your photographs!

    – awoni

  • mbotwood
    mbotwoodabout 5 years ago

    This does sound rather like someone else profiting from other people’s hard work…..I would always be wary of providing your photos for free, whether you are an amateur or otherwise, especially for business use (which this clearly is). As far as I can see these images would be used to help Plein Air Productions win business….and if they can get the images for free then good for them (and more fool the photographer!)

  • awoni
    awoniabout 5 years ago

    Or, it’s free advertising. But I do appreciate your concern. Before any photos are used, Plein Air will provide a contract… The images will just be displayed on the website, and not used for any other purposes.

  • booboo
    boobooabout 5 years ago

    Have a look at my work Click Here if there is anything that can be used we can discus it.

  • booboo
    boobooabout 5 years ago

    Just realised that you are not able to veiw all my work from the other link so Here is a link to my profile page

  • David Meacham
    David Meachamabout 5 years ago

    Hi – if he takes a look at and sees anything he would like to use then tell him to e-mail me on with more details