there are miles between
this place and that
but none of them makes me feel closer
than when i am lying on my back
pointing at the hundreds of constellations
we’ve made up together
over the years.
grass flicks inside our ears
and tickles the rubbery cartilage
as we dig them out with
dirty picked off fingernails
deep in the manipulative folds.
we squeeze our eyes shut
and open every nerve
pressing our bones into the earth
replacing our skin with the night air
splashing the milky way
on the backs of our eyelids.
the worms and beetles
bump their blinded heads
against our heavy bodies
trying to escape from
the graves they dug all day.
our hands are clasped
tightly together and
our fingers are locked
ready for take-off in
t-minus however long
we want to spend on
our journey to the next unknown.
we don’t need anyone else
to believe us
as long as we have each other
everything is real.

moths and june bugs
frantically kiss our cheeks
with wings beating for wind
as their fuzzy exoskeletons
collide with each other
over our sun-ripened noses.

we ride our horses to where
the sea licks the sand
before meticulously sticking
the hundreds of feathers
we’ve plucked from nests and pillows
just above their shivering shoulders
like postage stamps.
they glide above the waves
playing hopscotch and tag
alongside the silvery mermaids
while we soften each other’s silken skin
with the gritty salt water.
as the lighthouse twirls itself around
golden strobes pulsate
through the blood vessels
that wind inside our eyelids
before we open them wide
to discover nothing short of
a solar system consisting entirely
of lonely blinking fireflies
advertising promises of detached romance
and painless love.
we weave our hands among them
and dismiss their car-salesmen schemes
before focusing again
on the drowning heavens.

i reach up through the atmosphere
and fish out your crab
with its scissoring pincers
and wiggling legs.
you cup your hands around
my nibbling black goat
carefully avoiding its
sharp diamond toes
and curling bone horns.
we watch as they scamper
and scuttle through the
tropical shadow-lands
tossing up clumps of insects
hiding in the cooled dirt.
my hair spills into the meadow
and when you pull me up to dance
you strum your fingers through it
tugging out the grassy fibers
that are trying to escape.
and with the owls
cooing lullabies
the crickets chirr the words
the moon becomes our disco ball
and the stars play in our eyes
we grin
bouncing the moonlight off of our
ivory lined giggles
and watch carefully
remembering every detail
because we never know

i bury my sandpaper lips in the tiny hollow
between your collarbones
as you hold me close
promising forever.

forever is just the right amount.

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  • Alix Purcell
    Alix Purcellabout 6 years ago

    This is great Lys! – A

  • Troy Spencer
    Troy Spencerabout 6 years ago

    Fantastic. Such vivid prose and perfect emotions.

  • Symmetry44
    Symmetry44about 6 years ago

    Wow the girl can write for sure…awesome work.

  • Chinaski
    Chinaskiabout 6 years ago

    Hey, that’s me!

  • flower68
    flower68about 6 years ago

    earth to flower..hello…
    I really went somewhere then.Beautiful writing Lys x

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellabout 6 years ago

    Lys your descriptive writing is out of this world….


  • markgb
    markgbabout 6 years ago

    I’m speechless Lys, this is amazing.

  • ytsumner
    ytsumnerabout 6 years ago

    Now my soft spot for those craggy goats is finally making sense. Lil sis this is made me sit back in my chair and sigh. Too many moments here that made me proud. What a beautiful constellation you are. xx

  • jjgmail
    jjgmailabout 6 years ago

    You constantly allow for the moments to breathe in and take notice. To stop the headlong pursuit of whatever and appreciate the wonder around you. You take me into the mystic and I disappear into such beauty. You send me woman.

  • Rachael  Hope
    Rachael Hopeabout 6 years ago

    hmmm your writing is so satisfying, gosh you really know how to use description to its maximum effect, but the thing i love most is how natural it is, like its the first thing that came into your head, it doesn’t seem forced. I love your writing it takes me to this place, my favourite place, the people are friendly and the beer is cheap and low calory hahahahahhaha xxxx

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