this is how

you know you’re loved
when you come home
after being outside
in a heat advisory
with a temperature of
at least 95 degrees
(not counting humidity)
for 9 hours
walking dogs every other half hour
and walking from each location
every other half hour
and you find a note
written on a bright orange post-it
stuck to the door
that says

you know you’re loved
when you unlock the door
already smiling
and find a treasure trail
of yellow rose petals
that you bend down to touch
to make sure they’re real
(and they are)
which leads towards the doorway
into the kitchen.

you know you’re loved
when the kitchen door
(or, in my case, the sheet
hanging in place of the door)
is closed and there is another
orange post-it note
just before you
whisk open the en…

Because of you...

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What are words other than a messy jumble of letters
arranged and rearranged according to the sound assigned to them?

For me to say “thank you” is the most unoriginal way I can think of to express my sincere gratitude and amazement at everyone surrounding me in this wonderful community.

Now quite a while ago, I submitted a snippet of something much, much larger that was, and forever will be, meant for the love of my life, but which I also decided to share with all of you. Each of my pieces is a huge part of who I am, and this one is no different, so if you get anything out of it, just know that it is me, and in sharing it I am completely opening myself up to you.

The one thing that caused my heart to melt, rather th…

Critique of Jonathan Medina's "Party of one"

Party of one by Jonathan Medina

I was lucky enough to be able to see this photo before Jonathan posted it, and I fell in love with it the first time. Love at first sight, I guess you could say :)

This image is so empty, yet so full. A great example of minimalism, the darkness enveloping everything almost seems to be hiding secrets for the little thumb-nail sliver of pale moon. There is a slight hint of an object, perhaps a pole, leading from the moon down to the letter “c” in the melting sign that may catch your eye, if you’re looking for something, which you should be. The thick black of the night is something that arouses my curiosity, shakes my imagination awake, invites me to explore its cool air.

Before I can turn away, the gritty green and mellow yellow of the…