Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards

It is with GREAT DELIGHT and HAPPINESS that I can FINALLY announce that the Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards & Guidebook WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE FROM MAY 1, 2012!!!

I am thrilled and excited to finally have the first edition printed and published! It has been one incredible journey:)

The 42 card set with accompanying book will come in a black velvety drawstring bag and is priced at AUD $30 plus postage and handling.

You can pre-order now by messaging me or sending me an email at margthomsonartist (at) letting me know how many you wish to order and providing me with your name and address so that I can get a custom invoice to you with your costs. Payment will be by PAYPAL ONLY for International buyers (those outside Australia). Aussies have the choice of PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit.

As soon as the decks arrive I will be hand packing and personalising them, so if you want personalised or signed decks PLEASE let me know in your initial contact message.

THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for your support, love, understanding, motivation, patience and wisdom as this baby of mine reached the point where it could be born:)

Blessed Be

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