A black train

Black Train

I am awakened feeling like my head had just been smashed by 5’ inch steel core column.
I reached up to feel my face as these slits for eyes strained against this darkness.
It was then I realized I was shackled and chained at the feet through a heavy chain eye bolted to the floor, taste of blood in my mouth still draining down the back of my throat.

My eyes barely open, swollen from the beating I had obviously endured, but from whom I could not remember. I began to sense that there was others chained on either side of me, we where in some kind of train car built just for us, for people, enemy combatants, prisoners, or maybe just plain ole’ ordinary slaves?

At that instant the car began shuttering and lurched forward hard with a terrible groan the others who were just whimpering began to whale in pain from their torment. I could see light from street behind as the car slowly sped up. I somehow knew in my gut that this was the beginning of my end, if my divine intervention tarried.

Either way I was in for the long haul for bad or worst. So, I just slouched down as best I could to weather the ride. The sound of helicopters is occasionally heard as it buzzed overhead, it sounded heavy, I thought ‘is it full of people too?’ but of whom? Are they kindred or masters of this nightmare? I then realized to my amazement I had not thought of my kids! ‘What of my Kids?’

I startled myself with whale of despair O’ my God my Kids! My God! I wept, the tears stung as they filled my swollen eyes. I sucked it up, and sat up straight in my resolve ‘I got to get to my kids wherever they are’, I sensed that they were okay; I sighed with some relief, nearly passed out from the cracked ribs I choked and hurled up a little blood. Way to go! ‘Dork!’

I heard inside ‘save your strength your going to need it’ ‘Yes, Lord.’ As the train got up to speed the light began to slip thought the car and lit up the others I could only hear before, men, women, and to my shock even children! Where are we going? I thought out load and why do they need children? Horrible things flooded my mind, knowing the depths of cruelty of the human animal.

I prayed Lord by your Holy Spirit set a hedge to guard these children, Amen! I asked aloud if anyone was familiar with what was going on? I heard someone to my left say yes I do! I asked, what? Only to confirm my inner inkling, they are taking us to staging camp, huh, concentration camp. Yes, then after culling us into certain groups with others from other trains, then we are taken to the entrance of a *d.u.m.b.s. (deep underground military bases.)

What for? I asked he began to confirm with all who could hear, we are to become slaves! Then I broke through the despair, with a question, to all who can hear, how many of you people know the Lord Jesus? Forty-two replied! Remember what He said? If only two us agree on the earth concerning anything, whatever we may ask it shall be done for them from my Father, who is in the heavens.

Yes, yes, and a resounding yes, again and again repeated throughout, the witness of the Lord began to be evident! A silent calm filled all those who fear the Lord. Then I began to witness to the power of the word! Others who just heard, questioned who is this Lord you are always blabbering about? He is the strength where all other strengths fail! He is, all things unseen; He is the light piercing through this darkness in the heart man, which is where we are now, my friends!

‘I say now to all who can hear my voice’ be not afraid, He is with you even in this place. Be subject, then, to God; stand up against this, and fear will flee from you; the hardest thing to do is stand up for what is rightfully yours, even when everyone else is contrary to your right to do so. Know this: there are those who are with us who are more greater than there are those who are with them. Even, if there are numbers to the contrary. I will make a covenant with all who will in turn make one will me.

I will to my last breathe! Fight for our freedom, even in the face of evident defeat. Say ‘I’ then a resounding ‘I’ filled the car! ‘Thunder cracked’ as to seal it, before the face of God himself. Some heard in the Crack ‘So shall it be’! With the thunder we began to share our names with those who could hear, it was eerie the way the light shown through in flashes as a strobe as if we where all but caricatures of our true selves, as we are in flesh. The misery of the endless rattle of steel against steel became almost too much to bear.

It was as a voice piercing to the every soul, ever grinding down the peace. Some began to break under the relentlessness repetition of screeching, ‘Make it stop! Make it stop!
‘Please for God’s sake please making it stop’, like a prayer reaching up to the heavens the train began to slow, it started raining the screeching stopped! We all looked at each other through the flash side to side, and as if on cue we all began to grin and smile. Through the pain and fear, was the presence of the Father showering us with His mercy.

I said out load ‘Thank you Father for your love in this hard place’. Just then the sun shown through the car I laughed! The others all looked at me in amazement! Can you see it? Do you see it? He is here, right here with us, in this very place with us! As the rain began to run down the walls of the car, it was as if it had a mind of its own. It begun to puddle right along the side of the car where we were all linked in our bonds. Some began drinking of it; some began to sop it up and wash their wounds, and some gave to the children who sat knees to chin wide-eyed as in a daze.

In my mind, I asked why are they in this state of mind? The Lord spoke to my heart ‘tell the women to comfort the children in their hearts’; it is the Lord who protects their minds. I said to the people: ‘This! Is the Lord’s doing’! He protects their minds, so they can do what is required of them when the time comes for them to act. Be of good cheer!
The gift of the water gave a welcome sense of appreciation to the most of us. Some just ignored it like a dirty mangy mutt rubbing against their new clothes, and still some saw it as just one more irritant to their miserable lives.

Discerning their hearts I began to inquire of those as to their expectations, what is it that you think shall transpire here? If what is told is to come to pass? What will you do at the camp? Some replied I would fight and flee. Flee? Flee to where? Anywhere but there, and if they are armed against whom you fight? ‘What then’? I guess I would die. I replied: ‘you would die in front of these little ones’? ‘What do think that would do to their little minds’? He scoured as he sat, but then he began to reevaluate his plan, for their sake. I could see the anger of the situation beginning to wan.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I asked ‘are there were any others who felt as he did’? Some replied in like kind, but now with reservation. I could see the Lord softening and comforting their hearts. I whisper thank you Lord. ‘We will come to the end of this thing if we remain focus, and calm’. The coming sun arose to revel a new awakening to those who have submitted to the yearning of the spirit of the Lord. I pray: ‘Lord, continue to walk with us in the days to come, Amen!’ Strength renewed within them who could hear, and it will be sorely needed for the hours to come.

We seemed to be traveling for days under a thick cloud of fear and pain, but now we are without that weight of mind crushing fear. Even the little ones are seemingly braced for what is to come. But of those who have yet to be comforted is the continuous task at hand, and at the next juncture is to avail. Sounds of traffic broke through the numbing rhythm of the train, hoping this would be our stop. But not yet, there was more preparation to be done with those who are not yet at ease. I cleared my throat, to get the attention of those who still need comfort, I heard the Lord; ‘I would have all here prepared for the days to come’, for cruelty to come. I began:

‘I would of us stand together as one, but I know that may not be at all possible, I am profoundly aware as are we all anxious about what is to come. Someone from whom came sounds of disagreement before says: ‘who the hell made you leader, anyway? ‘Do you really expect us to swallow all this, ‘religious crap’ when we’re here fighting for our lives with these monsters?’ I replied: ‘No, I don’t expect you swallow anything; all I ask, if I may is that if what is going on brings us together and makes us stronger, then stand with us, but if it makes us combative make your insights known. Fair enough?

Nodding: ‘Fair enough’! ‘Good’ that’s what we need! I spoke a little louder: ‘If we can all add, and I do mean all of our insights for the strength of the whole, then it well only help us in what is to come’! Clearing my throat ‘People’ can we all take an evaluation of those around us, make sure their not in danger physically and or mentally’ Suddenly a scream drowned out the screeching train ‘He’s dead! He’s dead!’ I heard the Lord: He’s here with me now,’ I prayed: thank you Lord! He’s free! Someone yelled; what kind’ a crap is that? I replied in a more stern tone: ‘He’s not suffering anymore is he?’

Someone said; ‘well No,’ ‘Well, there you go!’ Someone else said: ‘There’s someone else dead over here to, and another said: there is another here too ‘Can we pray for them as there souls are freed from this world? Many bowed their heads as I prayed ‘Lord thank you for your saving grace, keep their souls close to your heart, and may you keep us ever protected in your loving arms, So be it!. ‘Please, those around them try to cover them if you can,’ We all know that this train was built for one purpose, and one purpose only ‘to transport human beings against their will, so we all should know that this is possibly for some their last days on earth, so with that I would as all of you to prepare yourselves for anything.

I spoke calmly to all who could hear. ‘For those of you, who have no knowledge of what our country’s government has been planning for the passed hundred years or so, ‘know this:’ this shadow government’s plans are towards us, ‘you are, and have always been considered ‘workers’ ‘drones’ ‘slaves.’ ‘They will do anything they want to you; I do mean anything and everything that they can imagine will be done to us, if they have their way. With that being said: ‘We are under the protection of the Lord, as the Lord has told us in His word,’ and I quote:

‘There fall at thy side a thousand, And a myriad at thy right hand, unto thee it cometh not nigh.’ And I bear witness: ‘The Lord does not make flamboyant statements just for consumption.’ Someone who sounded familiar, spoken up again: ‘There you go again with that religious ‘crap.’ ‘If your inclined not to accept anything I am saying, that is your purgative,’ ‘but, I have a responsibility to those whom He has given, I will continue as long as He sees fit, and I apologize to no man my calling. Some who I could see and hear me nodded as if in agreement with what I was saying, I got a witness with some who had nodded.

At the beginning of our trek, we saw flashes of diverse lands, now we are riding through a great range of meadowland with mountains in the distance. The rains are a little more frequent now, thank you God for that, and with cooler winds some even seem to be of better state. Save, those who have the dead at hand which are now beginning to change of decay unable to change the order of their mind, I began to pray that the dead be slowed in their rate decomposition ‘Lord slow it for their sake’s and for the children, Amen. I took a little rain to drink my mouth now less swollen that before, the water tasted a bit better for the increase.

Suddenly! The train began to shudder and groan for its weight lunged as it slowed, my heart jumped in my throat, some asked where are we, what are they going to do to us? Some began to weep uncontrollable. I spoke over the noisome forces at work; ‘we will all get through this if we all stand together, and stay calm.’ I could see some were putting on their game faces so to speak, then I heard the Lord say; ‘I will be with you in this dark days.’ The train lunged again even harder, it slowed even more, and I spoke again: ‘No matter what stay clam!’ The Lord is with us! That same heckler sounded out again, ‘Can you please keep that crap to yourself? I calmly stated: ‘No! I can’t I will do as He commands.’

The train finally screeches to a deafening stop, bewilderingly we all sat froze as sealed in blocks of ice. We could hear the hiss of air being forcibly released out of what seemed to be pipes, but from where? We could not discern. Then as a muffled moan we could hear vehicles coming from a distance closer and closer, I thought well here we go summing up all the faith I could muster. I stood somewhat wobbly, and said: ‘here they come! ‘Prepare yourselves’ we hear more vehicles came one after another, this went on for a while. We could see through the caps of the door soldiers unloading from these vehicles and presenting themselves to their superiors as it were, who had a table and chairs set for a group of officers ‘big boys’ I thought to myself.

Then all of the sudden as if a bomb had been dropped the commanding officers began shouting orders with much vim and venom. ‘Get this sh*t! unloaded and downtown to base camp! ‘Now! God dag it! ’Move, move, move!’ We could hear other doors of the train being flung opened with much force, ‘Bang’ as it hit. I could see the fear in their eyes now being full dawn, the sun slipping through the gap in the door. Another door! ‘Bang!’
Screaming, yelling, whaling, sobbing, and the sound of chains rattling as the masses where forcible shuffled around like cattle to the slaughter. I wept at the sound of humanity being reduced to mere livestock, as the tears flowed, I heard the Lord, “Be strong, for those who look to you for strength.’ I am with you all!

Then it was our turn! Hearing the rattle keys at the door I swallowed hard and braced myself for what was to come. The door flung open, ‘Bang!’ five armed men jumped up into the car, two ran immediately to either end of the car and unlock a large trap door in the floor

One man jumped down into the opening and lifted a large steel handle lifting up and over to the opposite position unlocking the large heavy chain which bound us all together to the floor. Then one man at the other end yelled aloud ‘Okay, let her rip,’ then the giant chain, which had entombed us in this car, began to retract smacking and flopping against our feet as it went across the floor and out a hole in the floor at the end of the car. Still shackled at the foot, our feet now ache form the chain being removed; we each knew we could not run, even if we could, ‘run to where?’ Then the five men spread out evenly across the car waving their guns motioning us to get out of the car. ‘Move! Move!

We began to slowly skulk to the door, stiff from the days in this awful place, as we came to the door two of the men pushed us out, falling hard to the ground one piled upon the other like a mass grave again over and over until the cries of pain and panic was heard over all the other noise. Then the men stopped pushing and just stood there and laughed, the people slowly separated one by one other soldiers began to shove us towards a great line stretching down the track for what seem for ever, armed men spread out along the line keeping them moving. I turned to see soldiers throwing the dead out the door into a pile, as another soldier came by with a gas can and began pouring over their bodies, and without any warning struck a flare and threw it on the pile.

The roar of the flame startled me and I blurted out. ‘O my God!’ just then a soldier hit me hard in the chest with the butt of his gun ‘Turn around, and shut up! ‘Keep moving! No one spoke a word, after a long while the sound of the chains was deafening, boredom began to set, I began to hum under my breathe, just to keep my mind occupied others heard and began humming as well, when the soldiers caught a hint, we all stopped, snickering. We would wait a while and then start again. We could tell the soldier was getting a little pissed off about it so I stopped for a while to let him clam down. I could see other columns of smoke rising up along the winding track off in the distance, I immediately knew what they were, and my heart wept for those fallen souls of this struggle.

The eerie procession stretched out for hundreds of yards, slithering slowly along the tracks like a wounded serpent quivering in its death throws crawling off to die of its wounds, slowly moving toward its fate. At a downward slope of the land around one of its many changes in grade I could see what appeared to be a small train station. Hoping that we were not going to be chained onto another train, at that thought I saw off in the distance many large charter buses hundreds of them spread out over a large airbase as we all began to approach the soldiers set to sorting us into what looked like specific age groups and then loaded us onto the buses they took us to many gates of the airport where were awaiting planes.

As we where moved to our point of boarding there flew over a very large military plane, followed by a smaller escort fighters. Suddenly a group of officers formed and were talking for a moment, one of the officers walked over to our group and yelled out for the women and children to come forward as they all did under tight guard. These where taken to places unknown as yet. But oddly enough though I wasn’t alarmed about it cause this was the Lord’s doing they would Fly as upon the wings of eagles to be hidden of the Lord! A peace came upon me…

A black train

Joseph Steadman

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I will to my last breathe! Fight for our freedom, even in the face of evident defeat. Say ‘I’ then a resounding ‘I’ filled the car! ‘Thunder cracked’ as to seal it, before the face of God himself. Some heard in the Crack ‘So shall it be’! With the thunder we began to share our names with those who could hear, it was eerie the way the light shown through in flashes as a strobe as if we where all but caricatures of our true selves, as we are in flesh. The misery of the endless rattle of steel against steel became almost too much to bear.

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