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Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual Awareness – All, inclusive and underling awareness must of necessity serve the Spirit, and intent of the Spirit, to serve ‘in full’ the intent of the 1Word. ‘Not an in proportionate opinionated belief of the intent of the Word,’ blinded by an unsupported stand in personal interpretation, laced by emotional underpinnings, but a firmly founded reverence and honor of those whom the 2Word s…
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Like I keep saying

I would like take this opportunity to thank all those who have followed me, commented, please continue to give me advice as to which way to go in my work… / / thanks
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Thank you I can't say it enough...

I can’t tell you loving peoples what it has meant 2 me that yous guys have given me the ability 2 have a following for the first time! And on Twitter no less you guys have lifted my passions to a higher place than ever, thank you all so very much… / Brothers @ Art! / JGS /
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I think I 'm start'n 2 figure this place out...

Thanks to all those who put there heart into RedBubble…wow can’t say enough about you guys!!! You really give a guy hope for the arts out there… / Thanks, / Awaken4Art
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