Volunteering at the Museum, Part II

Just a quick update to announce that the first phase of my work with scientists at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington is sadly now at an end, but this is where the really interesting stuff starts!

In addition to the vector-based work I have been doing, they have kindly also asked me to knock up a few scenic restorations too! These are really exciting for me, as they are a chance for me to really think hard about how these people lived between 11 & 12,000 years ago.

As these preliminary studies are not for sale, I shan’t be posting them here, but you can view the first two here in my blog:


I shall be personally presenting all the artwork (and animations!) done thus far with the amazing folks in the NHM at their ‘Science Uncovered’ event on Fri 23rd Sep:


After which, I will be able to post more images and talk about the project in a bit more detail.

Grateful thanks to all the staff at the NHM Human Origins unit and also to the RB community at large!

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