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Canterbury, United Kingdom

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I am a natural-history illustrator, living and working in Canterbury. I specialise in life restorations, but also provide technical drawings and concept art for exhibition designers. I have recently provided artwork for the Natural History Museum (London) and for Prehistoric Times magazine.

You can keep up to date with my latest studies, projects and selected palaeo-ramblings at:

If you would like to discuss commissioned work or the use of existing images, please do get in touch.

I have previously worked for an independent games developer as a graphic artist and animator. Prior to that I have worked for the film industry, product design studios and the marketing sector.

  • Age: 31
  • Joined: July 2011


The International Palaeontological Congress, 2014

Great news this month – my reconstruction of Koumpiodontosuchus asprodokitii & Neovenator has just won 1st prize at the International Palaeontological Congress in Mendoza, Argentina! / The piece has subsequently been bought by the Dinosaur Isle Museum on the Isle of Wight, to sit by the holotype specimens in their permanent displays. / Grateful thanks goes out to the International Palae…
Posted 7 months – 1 comments

Science Uncovered

Big day on friday (28th sep) – I’ll be attending the ‘Science Uncovered’ event at the Natural History Museum in London in my current capacity as volunteer with the Human Origins group! / As well as helping the public create a massive cave-painting on a temporary wall, I will also be presenting the work I have been doing behind the scenes over the past four months. / I invi…
Posted over 2 years – 5 comments

I've been 'Found' by RB!

Just found out I’m featured by RB on the homepage! How cool! It’s a work posted under my ‘Underland’ profile, which I use for all my more whimsical stuff, but still very cool indeed. / / / Many thanks to RB and all who have already purchased ‘My Wild Side’ as pri…
Posted over 2 years – 1 comments

Volunteering at the Museum, Part II

Just a quick update to announce that the first phase of my work with scientists at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington is sadly now at an end, but this is where the really interesting stuff starts! / In addition to the vector-based work I have been doing, they have kindly also asked me to knock up a few scenic restorations too! These are really exciting for me, as they are a chance for…
Posted almost 3 years – 2 comments

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