Older Woman Living Alone #8 by Christina Norwood

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I did once contact this escort agency but wasn’t able to actually finalize anything. Maybe I’ll try again sometime. I’ve been celibate for nine of the past ten years, and that year of experimentation was several years ago now.


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  • Paul Vanzella
    Paul Vanzellaabout 7 years ago

    I was just thinking about you, and wondering when the next installment was going to appear…! This is so sensational to me – as it really strikes the right tone, I love your development of this series, I find it insightful, inward and outpouring at the same time – brave, open and an artistic expression. Great continuation of work Christina!

  • Christina Norwood
    Christina Norwoodabout 7 years ago

    Paul, what can I say? As an artist I need an audience like you.

  • Robert Knapman
    Robert Knapmanabout 7 years ago

    This series continiues to deliver Christina. I am realising also your clever use of simple shadow and minimalist ‘set’. Great job

  • Sabine Spiesser
    Sabine Spiesserabout 7 years ago

    I just came across your series and am fascinated how well you have captured the emotions you want to portray. It’s a very courageous to use yourself as subject in your photo essay. It would be lovely to read more about your thoughts going into each of the images. They are so powerful.
    It is interesting that you use the term “older”. I see “lonely” rather than “older” in your images. I always find it hard to come to grips with this term used for anyone over 25. Older to me means more experienced and wiser and being more independent and less impressionable, but still with a zest for life. I wonder what you would come up with if tried to document the lives of diverse “older” women going about their everyday lives in pictures. How do other women experience being older.
    There are many lonely people of all ages, what makes the older woman different?
    So many questions to answer in pictures.

  • Christina Norwood
    Christina Norwoodabout 7 years ago

    Sabine, I considered the title for this series for some time. To me the word ‘older’ has two implications. Firstly, less attractive than a younger person, who are by far the predominant species in the media. Secondly, younger people have time, and hope that things might change someday. An older person knows that things are unlikely to change, and needs to accept reality and live with it.

  • Paul Louis Villani
    Paul Louis Vil...about 7 years ago

    That’s pretty confronting stuff. As an artist you have done a great job at portraying emotion. Each image in this portfolio tells a story, i sure hope that they are headed for gallery walls somewhere?
    Is that one of your goals Christina?

  • Christina Norwood
    Christina Norwoodabout 7 years ago

    Paul, thanks for your encouragement. I’d love to have them in a gallery, especially as a series because they do interact a lot (the last three are a progression of sorts). However I might have to hold an exhibition somewhere for that to happen, even temporarily, and I can’t really afford to do that at the moment. The last exhibition I did, with a friend, cost us $2000 and we didn’t sell anything to help recover costs.

  • rock
    rockabout 7 years ago

    It sure is true when they say a photo is worth a thousand words, in this instance Christina your image is worth 10,000 words.

  • Christina Norwood
    Christina Norwoodabout 7 years ago

    Ronald, I’m glad it had so much impact – something we all strive for and rarely achieve.

  • Ants
    Antsabout 7 years ago

    very striking and emotive, provokes very real feeling/thought, huge impact, just grabbed me, has all the ellements of a great piece

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