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The best way to describe D.S. Kinsel is against the grain. His sprezzatura, as he proclaims is unmistakable in everyway that he expresses himself whether it be his artistic approach, eclectic fashion sense, or obsession with $2 dollar bills. Born September 11, 1984 his day to celebrate life is a day that represents tragedy to most Americans. As the eldest of three children it was early on that his parents recognized his interest in the arts and as he progressed through the public school system several teachers along the way acknowledged his gift and laid the foundation for his evolution as an artist. D.S. was challenged and encouraged to explore his own creativity by learning about those that came before him. He choose to learn about great creative minds such as Basquiat, Teenie Harris, Andy Warhol and August Wilson.. Learning about lives of these iconic figures only empowered him, particularly when it came to expressing his own creativity in nontraditional ways. As he matured those unconventional methods proved vital not only a professional artist, but in his ability to engage and communicate with others.

  • Joined: January 2010