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After spending most of my professional career in the publishing industry, I turned to my love of photography as a way to finally allow passion and profession coincide in my life.

In my opinion, a good photograph is not one that requires lots of knowledge and equipment, but one that captures a thought, a feeling, a mood, a moment in time, my time, and as a result is a visual manifestation of my world.

Photography to me is a kind of narrative. I take photos to express a particular state of mind or simply to give shape to an idea, and I am incredibly fortunate to have come across many beautiful and inspiring people who have been kind enough to help me excecute my concepts.

If years from now my work remains in somebody’s home, and it still speaks to them in some level, I will have succeeded in doing something that is meaningful and transcending, which is my only purpose in working with images.

  • Age: 37
  • Joined: October 2009