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Mullumbimby, Australia

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Contact / mobile: 0411356687
Love is Art………and the love has overwhelmed.
Now art moves through me organically and I am the celebration of nature..
Using earth-pigments – grinding and mixing the ochre stains in some of my work – has taken me fully to earth and peace….. connecting with the voices of the water, trees and land, mostly in long periods of solitude….. I have for some time, wanted to make peace with the Australian land and its history, as I am from the white-invader ancestry.

I am so happy to have had the luxury to paint for many, many years, 30 in fact………..totally immersed in this expression of Self, and seeing the redbubble community around me, it is a blessing to see so much talent.
This last year when I did not feel to paint at all, but it is you at RB who called to me in my isolation and I’m back…..playing mostly with whatever inspires me in the moment.

So grateful for this community……..LOVE you all! XXX

All my work is available for sale in original form. Contact

Avalyn Doyle

  • Joined: March 2008


Exhibiting in Lausanne, Switzerland

hello fellow bubblers….. / want to say thank you for all the connections here because it seems possibly, one of those has led me to be invited to exhibit in Switzerland in November in 3 consecutive drawing exhibitions…. / I was so excited I nearly disappeared into another dimension….but back again with my feet on the ground I am delighted to say, I am off to Switzerland to be p…
Posted almost 2 years – 4 comments

Brooklyn Art Library, New York, Sketchbook Project exhibition

On the 22nd of this month, my sketchbook in the 2012 Limited Edition Sketchbook Project, along with many others from around the world will be in an exhibition at Brooklyn Art Library, New York…..I’m in Australia… / All the sketchbooks were posted to individual artists and are of a uniform size….. / quite a challenge to bring ideas down to such a small format. / There were …
Posted over 2 years – 2 comments

off to India...

hello lovERlies….. / I seem to be in perpetual motion and the travel bug has me viral and restless….. / so off to India in 2 days and wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my work and I apologise for not replying…… / I’ve been involved in making art books and sent my Setchbook Project to New York…cant quite get to the RB, but I’m sure …
Posted over 2 years – 9 comments

give away

hello all bubblers….. I am in the throes of change and need to clear out a lot of artwork etc. / if there is anything you have seen and loved on my site, let me know and I will most likely be happy to gift it to you…..however, I will probably ask you to pay postage / Some artworks are going into a public collection but there is a lot of stuff I need to say goodbye too…… / …
Posted almost 3 years – 5 comments