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Exhibiting in Lausanne, Switzerland

hello fellow bubblers…..
want to say thank you for all the connections here because it seems possibly, one of those has led me to be invited to exhibit in Switzerland in November in 3 consecutive drawing exhibitions….
I was so excited I nearly disappeared into another dimension….but back again with my feet on the ground I am delighted to say, I am off to Switzerland to be present at 2 of the openings: 8th of November and 22nd November at Suisse Art Space, Rue du Valentin 32/1004, Lausanne…..would absolutely LOVE to meet European members of Red Bubble…. I am coming all the way from Australia…..
also wondering if anyone has reasonable accommodation in Paris from 10th to 20th November…..or 8th/9th in Lausanne…..
however it works, I am happy to hug…

Brooklyn Art Library, New York, Sketchbook Project exhibition

On the 22nd of this month, my sketchbook in the 2012 Limited Edition Sketchbook Project, along with many others from around the world will be in an exhibition at Brooklyn Art Library, New York…..I’m in Australia…
All the sketchbooks were posted to individual artists and are of a uniform size…..
quite a challenge to bring ideas down to such a small format.
There were several themes to chose from and the one I felt inspired by was:
‘The Last Word Ever Spoken’….
I wanted to disappear the words in a cosmic absorption kind of way and loved that I could use Zen philosophy as a adjunct…..Some of the page spreads are uploaded on Red Bubble.
Each artist has a page where there work can be viewed…

off to India...

hello lovERlies…..
I seem to be in perpetual motion and the travel bug has me viral and restless…..
so off to India in 2 days and wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my work and I apologise for not replying……
I’ve been involved in making art books and sent my Setchbook Project to New York…cant quite get to the RB, but I’m sure India will rearrange something in me, especially since I am going to Ramana Marharshi’s ashram……. Beloved being that he is……. I’ve been wanting to visit the site of his enlightenment for 16 years …
Hope to do some drawing during the bliss…..
thanks again bubblers!

give away

hello all bubblers….. I am in the throes of change and need to clear out a lot of artwork etc.
if there is anything you have seen and loved on my site, let me know and I will most likely be happy to gift it to you…..however, I will probably ask you to pay postage
Some artworks are going into a public collection but there is a lot of stuff I need to say goodbye too……
with grace, avalyn

from France with love...

hello all Red loverlies…
I’ve been in France for 6 weeks and had a miraculous experience getting there..
an art patron gave me the financial support to travel and a friend paid for my airfare….
I love that I had this opportunity…and allowing this journey despite the mad mind which wanted to destroy my peace: I had packed up my studio, packed my car for the trip to drop off my dog at my son’s place and still NO idea how to pay for the trip, with an air fare booked for 10 days later ……
It was an awesome journey!!
France IS art……coming from a strong sport culture, I didn’t realise how alienated I felt in my Oz culture……A BIG yes to my art heart and I’m very inspired to continue the wonder in my new work

If I’ve mi…

front page feature

woopee…featured again on Red Bubble home page…the 3rd time for me, which I feel sooo grateful for……..seem to be going through a spate of features too
my birthday today so expecting to have a fabulous successful art year!

thanks for your support bubblers…you’re the chocolate sprinkles on my toast! XXX

the end of the world

and so it has happened AND in the most blissful way……..I am giving up my art practise. It’s nearly 30 years now and maybe the achievement I wanted in the outside world has been done……..the truth IS, I’ve wandered through all the aspects of myself to find connectedness and beauty and now the beauty of the moment has taken over…….in full force……in absolute freedom
Thank you bubblers!! I will continue to check in and see how you’re all doing………..I am so blessed to have met you all and ALL of the beauty and wonder to represent!

Interview with Linaji

I have to start with saying how much I love the vitality of your work……you have a superXX factor and it makes me want to ask firstly…………….
in your profile, you say ’ so much has happened since I’ve come home…..’
would you expand on that and talk more deeply on what is home to you?


I have come home to me. I have come home to my heART and I have come home to rest and sit a spell with the nature of my BEINGNESS.

Since coming to Red Bubble in Feb of 08 I can say truly that the amount of writing and art I have created has given me the path that I have been looking for all my life. I always thought the answers to my unrest and unease lay in others with more knowledge and experience than I had. Since receiving this gift of clarity and …