when love is not enough

the tears well up
like a dam about to burst
what on earth must I do

to reach you

to share and explain
so that you understand
these essential deep needs
I long from you to live a healthy life

if you do not recognize
these imperative necessities…
why then
do you ‘yes’ me to death?

I cannot live with this
I will not

promises not kept
are lies
perhaps unintentional
but deception none the less

think about it
because slowly but surely
it is killing me

open your eyes

remember your heart
and the art of compromise
if not, we will both lose

if it is you
the one who hurts me so
when I am trying painfully
for I believe in you
…and you let me down

then surely I am lost
for I trust in you

you do this
like a recurring dream
that I can not wake up from
over and over again

yes, this is considerable

I tell you now…
as much as I love you
for my part
I near the end of this point

this is warning
it is not a threat
it is not meant in a harsh way
it is a request, but a final one

if you find this too difficult to do
if you believe it trivial
I need to know …

Currently unavailable for purchase

simply stated … for you


  • Guendalyn
    Guendalynover 1 year ago

    magnific words my dear!

  • thank you so kindly dear Guendalyn for taking the time to read and for your lovely comment!
    greatly appreciated! warm hugs, shar xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    – autumnwind

  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandover 1 year ago

    Wow, this is extremely hard hitting my dear friend!! I hope everything is not as it appears, as I can feel the anguish of the sentiment shown here. Incredible write my dear!!

  • Aww, thanks so much JR. Well, didn’t mean for it to be so hard hitting, but truth is difficult to accept sometimes but at this point I am certain things can be worked out. You know relationships get complicated and people forget they should not take each other for granted sometimes. A little trouble in paradise shall we say that I am hoping is already on the mend. So appreciate your great comment and most of all your thoughtful concern. Much love and warm hugs for you, shar xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

    – autumnwind

  • seeingred13
    seeingred13over 1 year ago

    Wow, how many of us relate to this? So poignant, such a gift to write like this! FAVE!

  • Wow, thanks for the lovely comment, and it feels really good to know you can relate. Relationships get a little messy sometimes I suppose for us all, there is no doubt about it. So appreciate your thoughtful comment! Warm hugs, shar xoxoxoxxooxx

    – autumnwind

  • Greg Belfrage
    Greg Belfrageover 1 year ago

    Shar, your passion crashes through your beautiful poetry like a tidal wave. You have an incredibly expressive artistic soul. Beautifully written, my friend!

  • Wow Greg, this is one awesome comment and compliment. Thank you so much dear friend, it is greatly appreciated and so very kind of you. I write to release and really tried to control my emotions in the way I wrote it (or thought I did!) and also tried to make it very simple to understand. I am relieved to say, it was a good thing after all. Much better than any argument, it simply opened up a mind and heart, which was my hope after all. Warmest thanks my friend. Hugs, shar xoxoxoxoxoxx

    – autumnwind

  • AngieDavies
    AngieDaviesover 1 year ago

    Beautifully written! Relationships can be such a challenge and this writing shows what lack of communication can do to the other party, whether intended to hurt or not.

  • Thank you so very much Angie, and yes, perfectly stated on your part!! So very true, we must often work hard on relationships when things get messy. Thank goodness I am happy to say it certainly pays off when both parties try their best. So appreciated my friend. Warm hugs, shar xooooxoxoxoox

    – autumnwind

  • BCallahan
    BCallahanover 1 year ago

    Whether it’s mother/daughter, brother/sister, husband/wife,or even two friends….it always hurts when you keep things bottled up inside, sometimes you just have to let go…very smart of you to get your feeling down on paper. It gives you a chance to get your thoughts together, for two reasons: 1. You get everything straight in your head, and 2. You can make sure you say exactly what you intend.

    I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my mother…and now that she has passed away, I will never get the chance to tell her how she made me feel….I regret that! Love you, my dear friend! Xoxoxo

  • Aww Barb, thanks so much for this most thoughtful and caring comment. I am sorry about your mom, and I know how you feel. You must believe that now, she somehow knows and understands everything. I try to believe in that so very much myself. And yes, the writing out of emotions is completely therapeutic for me, and I must say has already helped greatly in this situation. Thank you my beautiful friend for your great kindness. Love you right back. Warmest hugs, shar xoxoxoxoxoxxoxxoox

    – autumnwind

  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladeover 1 year ago

    Powerful, passionate, full of love and pain. This poem is so beautifully expressed it reaches deep inside and grabs my heart. Your emotion is so raw and so defined it moves my very soul.

  • Wow Anthea, I must tell you your comment makes me feel so great. I was trying so hard to control my emotions a bit, but I guess they came tumbling through anyway. It really is all about love and pain and great frustration. We are working on it, and I think …am hoping, the worst is over. Thank you so much for your beautiful and most heartfelt comment. Greatly appreciated dear friend, shar xoxoxoxoxxoxx

    – autumnwind

  • JohnDSmith
    JohnDSmithover 1 year ago

    I can relate to this,…..I think we all have been there,..
    Excellent writing of one`s feeling,….

  • Thanks so very much John. You know it really helps to know people can relate to this and that it is more than likely a relationship thing people must go through now and then. It is very kind of you to read and comment, and so greatly appreciated more than you know. Warm hugs, shar xoxoxoxxoxox.

    – autumnwind

  • dakotagirl
    dakotagirlover 1 year ago

    You captured the pain, but also tremendous love and strength. Congratulations on your feature!

  • Wow, thank you so, so much for the awesome comment and the wonderful honor of a feature!! I am deeply moved that you felt what you did and incredibly grateful for this privilege. Thank you again!!! : )))
    Warm hugs, shar xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    – autumnwind

  • JaneRoberts
    JaneRobertsover 1 year ago

    So much pain and frustration in that feeling of feeling at a loss – so been there…..hope this passes soon. xx

  • Yes, this is exactly what I was feeling and absolutely had to do something, hoping writing it out plain and simple enough for a certain someone to read might help. Lucky for me, it did, and yes thank you, things are better. It is not always easy these relationships, as we sometimes take each other for granted which results in great hurt. So appreciated dear Jane. Warm hugs, shar xoxoxoxoxxoxo

    – autumnwind

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