Bus Stop Doodles

Hey all!!

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This was the third week of bus stop doodles, a lil game I have started whereby on a Thursday at around 8:30am GMT I give the word and those who have liked my page jump in and name a character or creature from the world of comics, fantasy, sci fi or horror. The character can be made up or already exist.

The first three posts have their chosen characters doodled on A5 in biro at a bus stop either on my way into or from work.
I then post the winners on my wall and send them the original drawing via snail mail.

Its proving to be quite popular and great fun so if you like what I do and fancy the chance of pickin up an original piece of doodled art pop along, like my page and be around on a Thursday morning ready to jump in with your request when I give you the nod.

You can also check out the previous winners on the stevenaustinart wall.

Hope to see you there!!

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