Name that tune and win a t shirt

This is the second of these – the first was won by Cathie T, who correctly answered Mission Impossible, it was too easy!! I thnk this next one is harder, we shall see.

Ok, rules are the same as before, go to my Facebook fan page StevenAustinArt, post your answer on my wall and ‘like’ my page to qualify.

First person to post the correct answer AND ‘like’ my page wins a t shirt of their choice – one of mine – obviously.

Ok here is the opening of a well known movie – WHAT IS IT!?



  • twistwashere
    twistwashereover 2 years ago

    yeah , well , ovbiously , no worth in facebook ,

  • Ok, i’ve read your comment 50 times and still don’t know what you’re saying :)
    ‘No worth in facebook’? Hmmm….Nope, still don’t get it!!

    – Steven Austin

  • twistwashere
    twistwashereover 2 years ago

    Yes I agree, not a good comment , I believe what may have happened , that I have pushed the link and it hasn’t opened up to where it was directed, this time round it has , I am not a facebook type of girl , I do do myspace but , origianal before I got put onto redbubble, I started uploading my photographs , and also I am on a dating site , without my picture, so if they really want to see a visual I direct them to my myspace. I find facebook way to busy for me . I hope you accept my appology for any inconvieneance of loss of time , I believe I may not have been in a wonderspace when I pasted. And oooh , a simply marvelous Idea.