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Steven Austin

London, United Kingdom

Brought up on a diet of superheroes, warlocks and demons it was inevitable that I would sucumb to the temptations of the pencil!! / I am...

Comic Con Challenge - This is a character design challenge..isn't it?

Thought I’d raise a couple of points and ask a couple of questions regarding the comic con challenge and challenges in general – may ruffle a few feathers but hey ho – omelettes and eggs.

Ok just had a browse through the selection of entries for the NY comic con challenge and as with many challenges I have entered previously I notice several works entered that obviously have ‘not’ been designed specifically for the challenge but have been either retitled to fit the criteria – i.e they have a character in them but the design was never solely about the character (despite the fact that this challenge is) or designs have just been added regardless without any reference to the actual character at all.

Also as the challenge rules request ‘New designs only please’, having looked at the entries I notice several are not new designs but in some cases have been around for up to 3 years.
My entry is The Colonel and although the character is not new (I designed him about 9 months ago) he was designed by me and the design for the tee used for my entry into the challenge is very new, it was entered half an hour after completion and the character himself has been re vamped and improved specifically for the challenge.

I guess my question to RB is this – are you going to remove the entries that are not new or have obviously not been designed specifically for the challenge prior to voting taking place and if not why make specific challenge rules in the first place?

The comic con challenge is one that is so very relevant to the work I produce and is close to my creative heart – as is the case with several of the other artists I know who have entered the challenge.
With the amount of effort/time I and several other artists put into designing work legitimately for these challenges I think it unfair that other entrants just throw anything into the mix and could still legitimately come out on top through the voting system. These artists seem to jump on the band wagon of any challenge and tweak existing work to suit the criteria, or they don’t make any changes to work but enter it regardless.

I would like to see RB be more rigorous with those who have entered challenges set by RB and remove entries that are not relevant or do not fit the challenge criteria prior to voting beginning.

If this is something that is already happening, then I am barking up the wrong tree and apologise, however if not then your thoughts on combating this would be appreciated. :)


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