Thankyou everyone

Many thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes for my husbands quick recovery..I feel the outcome will go well but right now, its all too new and very scary.
Tomorrow he has a bone scan..Monday a Cat scan of chest, abdomen and pelvic area.. then we see the doctor Friday for the results of the tests and plan a course of action.

What a wonderful group of people here on RB,, reaching out to someone they really dont know in person..Its very heart warming for us both.

Im responding with a heart felt thankyou via this Journal as its easier for me to do it this way. I hope you understand.

Special thanks to..

Jennifer Hulbert- Hortman
Denise Abe
Photos by Pauline
Lois Bryan
Angie Davies
Kay Raade
Diana Graves
Vickie Ems
Monica Scanlan
Joy Watson
Angelika Sielken
Cynthia Broomfield

Thanks again everyone for your good wishes..Hopefully it wont be too long and we will be back posting new works.

Di and Fred ( Chappy)

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