G’Day well I am the little fella from that block of real estate on the under belly of this globe we all share, yep thats the place Australia. Pretty smart bunch we have here…hee hee

What can I say, with out telling lies….I am your average bloke, that has a liking for photography nature, landscapes, animals and the list goes on. I usually head out on the weekends, and start snapping away.

I am outdoors person, camping, bush walking (back packing), 4WD, fishing and the list goes on and on. Love animals, reptiles and nature itself.

So yeah, kick ya boots off, sit back grab a cold drink or a coffee, and have a look around. Anything here you see that you like, then that is great. If you want to contact myself, then whip one of them speedy e-mails up and send it through cyber space, providing it does not make a wrong turn it should get to me.

But most important thing to always remember……Take Care and Keep Smiling ;-)

Have a great day mate !

From the little Aussie Fella

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JIMNA TRIP (South East Queensland) Australia

Well Josh and I made it to Jimna at last, and it will not be the last time either. Love the place; would move there tomorrow if I could. A few houses, General Store, little Museum and that about sums up Jimna. The General store I loved, especially the sitting area with all the plants which gave it a forest/tropical feel. And the outside sitting area is peaceful. / Josh and I had a look at the mu…
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