Thanks For Buying My Work.

What a wonderful surprise to find that there are people out there who love my art and photography enough to purchase it. This year, since July 2014, I actually lost track, so I had to go through my email and do a rough count. Woohoo! Thank you SO much to all, who bought: ten greeting cards, four photographic prints, two posters and one throw pillow.…

The most popular GREETING CARD was:
Cocker Spaniel In His Element.

The other greeting cards were:
The Rains Are Here: Gemini in Wet Grass.

Squiggle Paint.

West Burleigh Street Art #6.

Oh Happy Day.

Gemini: “Thanks for the Trim Mum”.

Gemini’s Cocker Spaniel Eyes.

The most popular PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT was:
PYROGRAPHY: Platypus (in three of different sizes).

The other photographic print was:
Red Rock Reserve Hiking Track.

The two POSTERS were:

To The Members of the 'Boats, Beaches, Bays!' Group

Thank you SO MUCH for voting in the challenge: CITIES BY THE SEA.

I nearly fell over with surprise when I was told I had won the challenge, because you “voted me as the winner!” I am flattered and honoured. This is my VERY FIRST time to WIN any RB challenge. (Now I wish I could remember how to post the photo here so everyone else can see it.)

The image, which is in my Gold Coast, Queensland Portfolio, is titled:

More Warm Fuzzies!

It is always a pleasant surprise to check my email and discover that someone loves my work; a note from Redbubble to say that I have made a sale, and then another. WOOHOO!!!

Thank you SO MUCH to the person who bought a card of “Digger” The Gnome. And thanks also to the mystery person who bought “Cocker Spaniel In His Element”.

I really appreciate your support and encouragement. It is like receiving a warm fuzzy to make my week. What’s a warm fuzzy? Anything that makes me smile.

Bye To 2012 & a HUGE Thank YOU!

Christmas; what a busy time of year! Not only for family and friends, traditions and new political terms, but also for SALES ON REDBUBBLE: two posters, a Christmas card and a calendar. Thank you SO MUCH.…

I noticed on Facebook, that I had made a sale, then another, and another. I am losing track! Why is this such a big deal…you may ask? Because, I joined RedBubble in 2010, wondering if I would ever sell anything.

Well “Colour Me Happy” after a few purchases by loyal friends and people who “chose to compliment me via their $$$” I have now made a new category in my portfolio called Sales on Redbubble. (I will try to make a link shortly. Still need to learn how to do that.)

The credit, for my photos lately, has to go to my new CANON EOS 7D and 15-85mm lens with an image stabilizer. It is a gi

FOUND by Redbubble October 24th 2012

There are often things I would like to journal about and never seem to get a moment to sit down and write. However, I just had to say a HUGE thank you to RB for sending me an email on October 24th that they loved my Pyrography of an Australian Redback Spider. (I just wish I knew how to do a link to it, so you can have a look at my spider or even the homepage).

What a surprise to see that I had been featured on the RB HOMEPAGE!!!!!! WooHoo. I feel SO honoured!!! My very first time. Thanks again RB.

Woohoo!!! Another Sale!!!

Thank you so much to the person who bought two of my items for sale; one a laminated print of “Gemini Watching” and the other a photographic print of “Fog In The Bush”…

What a lovely surprise it was to find an email from Redbubble on the 15th September 2011, saying that someone loved my work. I feel elated.

Calendars: Great Christmas Presents.

This entry is to thank Redbubble for the awesome speed and quality in making all those calendars I bought as Christmas presents for my friends and family. The feedback has been wonderful.

Not only were the photos all beautifully printed but the size and degree of excellence of the calendars were something to be proud of. I was very pleased with the thickness of each page, the large size of each photo, the space available for jotting notes for each day thoughout the coming year. Just perfect.

I had left my ordering until the last minute…as I usually do…and the calendars still arrived in time for Christmas. I have been over the moon.

Cheers to a Happy New Year,
Robyn J. Blackford alias Aussiebushstick.

THANK YOU SO MUCH...another sale!!!

Thank you for buying a card from my collection. I am flattered. My email suggested it was someone in California. :) Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your interest.

With Regards,
Robyn alias Aussiebushstick

(I just tried to add an image of the sold item. Didn’t work. lol. Better go read the directions/instructions.)

The photograph was of a lone tree (my husband calls a Pineapple Tree), on a cliff at Corindi Beach, in New South Wales. Storm clouds were mixing with the sunset behind its silhouette.

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