I am a mum of four,who has had an interest in photography for the last 10years, but has done not much with it. I would love to learn more about this art and welcome any feedback.

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tobias nelson charles has arrived

Just wanted to share that my little man arrived on Monday morning, weighing in at a big 4155g or 9 pound 2 oz. He is gorgeous and I am sure if I can bear to tear myself away from him long enough I will put up some photos of him soon.
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A friend of a friend has asked me to take some photos of her little family, as nervous as I am about doing it, what I really want help with is I want to ask her to give me permission to use her photos as advertising (if any of them are any good) or else where, Can anyone help me with what I need to do so as to not have any legal issues? / I forgot to mention I am not charging her anything (as I r…
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feeling sad today as my camera has gone in to be fixed

Just wanted to tell someone, sorry if this is not the right place to do it….. I have had to send my camera back to canon under warranty to get it fixed and I feeling very lost and almost naked without it….. I hope it is fixed quickly and returned soon! / I will still be taking photos on the sony p&S we have but doubt I will be posting anything….
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