Introducing leggings. You’ll never run out of inspiration.

Hi ,I guess to the younger generation ,I’m an “old fart” but as far as I am concerned,your only old when you haven’t got the eyes to see with ,the ears to hear with and the air to keep breathing.
Unfortunately the eyes and the ears need aids to keep functioning but as long as I keep breathing ,I’ll still be able to enjoy the wonders of nature that surround us in ever changing shapes and colours.
I am fortunate enough to live in the lovely Kennedy valley in tropical North Queensland where the beauty of the area lends its self to all things natural,from tropical flora to birds ,animals, insects,reptiles and of course the ever changing scenery.If you need a photo of anything natural and native to tropical Australia , drop me an email.I probably have it on file.
As well as photography,which has me hooked, I build scale models of historical buildings from recycled local timber and in my spare time I create photographic place mats and drink coasters displaying the flora,fauna and scenery of our wonderful area.
I never new Red bubble existed until my grand daughter told me about it and now I am wrapped in looking at the wonderful photos that the members display.
To view my grand daughters work,search for “Princesspicture” ,she
has a wonderful imagination for a school girl and should do well if she keeps it up.Give her a mention of encouragement if you like her work.I know she will appreciate it.

  • Age: 71
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