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Gatecon Shirts

As bad luck would have it, the recent floods in the UK were right smack in the middle of where 2 of the organisers of our annual convention live. The floods wiped out our entire stock of t-shirts we had printed for our UK convention next month.

We couldn’t afford to get the shirts reprinted, so I asked the nice people here at Red Bubble if they would mind doing the t-shirt printing for us, and they kindly, kindly, kindly said yes. (obviously it is nothing different to them as they just do what they do) :-)

I have uploaded a couple of different designs for the attendees (and anyone else of course) to purchase.

The great thing is, when we get t-shirts printed we can only do one design because of the sheer costs involved, but because of Reb Bubble, it means we can offer many different designs (love you guys).

I hope you like the shirt designs

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