Hi everyone I have been off for a while due to real life. I have yet to update this, so hang in there. I hope everyone is doing well. It is good to be back. I will be in and out for a few reorganizing things. Catch you all later,

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I'm back!

HI everyone, sorry I have been gone so long, but I am now back up and running again. I hope you all enjoy the new additions. I applogize for not posting for so long, but I have been in for gall bladder surgery, and it knocked me off my feet for a while. Good to see you all again, / Aurora
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Hospital stay

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been posting, but I have been badly ill and will have to go in for surgery soon. I hope all is well with everyone. I will keep you posted as things go. Take care and talk to you all soon, best of blessings, / Maraleh
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Nov 3 2007

Hi everyone, I really appreciate seeing so many new faces, and hearing so many wonderful comments from everyone. I am so sorry I did not get any new art posted the last couple days, but I have been pretty sick. I am doing lots better now, and LOVE the new artworks everyone has been posting lately. Keep up the great work. I will have some new ones posted by later this weekend, so keep watching.…
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Oct 25 2007

Hi everyone, still moving my portfolio over here. Wow you build up a lot of stuff after a while. I hope you all are pretty patient while I add these, as I have a lot of them. I got through another batch today, and still am working on the rest. Best of blessings and see you all later, / Maraleh
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