Sooo excited!!!!

Not 1, but 2, TWO of my photographs made it in to the Dept of Administration (DOA) 2011 State calendar! The theme this year is Wisconsin Icons

Tending the Bar (Up-North tavern culture)

Sun Kissed (Fishing season)

This Is A Real Crapper!

Imagine this. You’re the principal of LaFollette High School in Madison. You get a phone call- the President of the United States is coming to your school in 15 minutes. Usually you are at the school. In fact, according to your wife (whom I work with) you live at the school. However, when you do get the call via the school office, your office, you and your family are standing on Bascom Hill on the UW Campus with 26,000 other people (and you didn’t make the cut to get into the gates) waiting for the President’s Rally to start. You do, however, get to brag that the President gave your school’s football team a pep-talk.

Hard Lesson Learned!

Just learned a lesson the hard way, to always carry the camera with; you never know when a good photo opp will occur. Still going on outside my window at work- a press conference with the Governor announcing that Madison’s Monona Terrace, located behind the building where I work, has been chosen as the stop/Station location for the newly planned high-speed rail line. I gazed out our window upon the Gov., Transportation Secretary, County Exec., Mayor, and the media; the Gov. doing a photo opp w/ a couple of kids on the street. I could have captured this emerging story, a huge issue in Wisconsin right now, all from our second story window, but alas… I DIDN"T BRING MY CAMERA WITH ME! Post Note: The newspaper says that the station will actually be inside the building where I work. How conven…

U.S. Challenge Group Photo Day

August 15. was the U.S. Challenges Only group’s Photo Day. Members were to record the day in pictures (kind of like the A Day In The Life series, if you remember those), which will be posted in the group & September challenge. I had a full day. I’m going to have trouble choosing only 3 for the group.…

8:00 AM alarm goes off & gets shut off
9:30 Quick shower
10:00 Haircut

11:00 Late breakfast with Laurie at Sofra in Middleton
12:15 PM Checked out a garage sale on Glenway Street
1:00 Cruise for moving day photo opps on Adams Street

2:30 Coffee Break Festival in Stoughton

4:00 Head for Daleyville; get painfully lost due to a bad map

5:00 Finally get to Daleyville; find Highway Z, but can’t find the damn church.
6:00 End up in Mount Horeb badly needing a ba


A dream of mine to travel to NY to see my fellow cheesehead play in concert will never be. The great musician, inventor and Wisconsinite Les Paul died today at age 94.…

Until just a few months ago, he was still playing 2 shows every Monday night at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York, often joined on stage by a friend- Steve Miller (Les was his first guitar teacher, when they were neighbors in Milwaukee), Bruce Springsteen, Eric Claption, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Eddie Van Halen, Richie Sambora, Pete Townsend, Peter Framton, Slash.

He was a fantastic musician, but also the inventor of the solid body guitar, multi-track recording, over dubbing, and a whole pile of other gadgets that revolutionized music and changed the culture of the world as we know it today.

Forget Elvis, Michael Jac

Oh Crap!

I took a really great photo of my niece on the 4th of July. She was fishing; her body position is exquisite- her stance, curve of her back, position of her arms (like an archer), tilt of her head; she is standing in the lake, the water blue ripples with a small splash of diamond sparkles. But, she is wearing a bikini; I can’t post it. My family would kill me. And there is no way in hell that I will provide fodder for the band of perverts who cruise RB looking for TAV. No perv is going to drool over my high school aged niece. But it is one great photo; it would still be excellent if she was wearing t-shirt & jeans.

Smoke Free Wisconsin!

On Wednesday, May 13, 2009, the Wisconsin Legislature passed smoke free air legislation.

Today, Monday, May 18, 2009, Governor Jim Doyle signed that bill into law making Wisconsin the 27th smoke free state.

The law will take effect on July 5, 2010.

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