Leeds, United Kingdom

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Hi, I’m atombat

I’m a major design-a-holic. Ideas rip from my mind, and bounce jarringly to an fro down my arm, through the pen and on to the page scarring the surface with vivid indentations, at a rate that sometimes is far to fast for me to keep up with. I’ve been an artist since a very early age, cartoon characters mostly fill my many sketchbooks. from Giant Robots, Anime styled characters to Looney tunes/Merrie Melodie styled animals. I’ve picked up many styles over the years, one of the newest being a Pixel art style that I’ve been working on for the past year. I’m influenced by Robots, Retro Hardware/computers, as well as the most modern looking styles, I try to match the best features from the new and old styles making something which looks distinctively my own

This space will Include the latest and greatest web crud from an up and coming artist and cartoon character designer.


  • Joined: March 2009