The Curse of the Dumbo Octopi - possibly explained?

Thanks to Gen for putting this out last week. I have now also started an events page for the exhibition on facebook if anyone is intered in connecting. The link for this is – events facebook The Curse of the Dumbo Octopi .
You can also go to the Martin Galleries website for details as well.

In a nutshell The Curse of the Dumbo Octopi , follows the quixotic adventures of the central character That 3 Headed Dude in the Corner of the Room and their faithful morph pig, Sancho, as they set out to confront the dreaded Dumbo Octopi. Though blissfully unaware of these creatures until recently, the Dude, comprised of Ice Cream Cone Man, The Balaclavonaut and Wild Donkey Boy, (3 minds that share the same heart and soul), make it their mission to take on the treachery of the creatures some call an urban myth. This is taken to the point of obsession and they come to the brink of being consumed by forces beyond their control. The Curse of the Dumbo Octopi is a story about finding your inner selves; fear as a tool of manipulation; secret government departments with shady portfolios; power hungry media barons; talking to yourself; road trips; a choice between soup and terrine; and whether 3 heads are better than one. And a whole lot of other things that you will need special security clearance to know.
Who is the real enemy here? Will The 3 Dumbo Octopi hunters work this out in time before they discover the truth? And is it a truth they can handle as Colonel Jessop might ask?
The Curse of the Dumbo Octopi is completed in a series of psycho pop cartoon style paintings using oils, acrylic and spray paint on both canvass and linen. Each painting is accompanied by text that without explaining what is occurring provides further dimensions to digest and probably adds to the confusion.
The list of paintings included in The Curse of the Dumbo Octopi is as follows:-
- Ray Gun Terrine (feat Stuck between a Large Shark and Hot Lava Flow – musings of a desperate)
- Scuba Pig Drive By
- Ice Cream Cone Man Down
- Caravan Jam
- Martian Rocket Spread and that Special Yellow Mask
- Pass the Zombie Rooster Popcorn
- Mamma Num-m-(b)er (and the False Security Blanket)
- When the Dumbo Cometh I Exit Through a Door in My Head – Ice Cream Cone Man – Part 1
- When the Dumbo Cometh I Exit Through a Launch Pad in My Ear – Wild Donkey Boy – Part 2
All paintigs are 90 × 180 cm except for Caravan Jam and Martian Rocket which are 60 × 90cm and Pass the Zombie Rooster Popcorn which is 60 × 120cm.
I would love for anyone in the group and Brisbane who is interested to come along on opening night and see The Curse of the Dumbo Octopi in action. Maybe you could also explain to me what it really means as well.
Thanks and appreciated

Andrew Tomlins

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