Introducing leggings. You’ll never run out of inspiration.


Art prints

Hello people!

If you like something I designed or drew but want it as a print instead of a tee please let me know and I’ll make it available for you :) Same goes with my artwork, I can easily slap my stuff on tees so don’t hesitate to send me a message!

Thanks to everyone who have already bought something, you’re making my internet possible!

Thank you+ Charity tees

I want to say a huge, ginormous THANK YOU to everyone adding me to their watchlist, favouriting my work or buying something. It honours me that you like my work so much. Thank you!

Make sure you come back often because I add new designs all the time! I have also posted two charity tees:

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If you buy something feel free to post a picture on my Facebook page! I’d be more than delighted!