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Hi there, I’m Nana and I am a geek of all sorts. I’m a sucker for all things Joss Whedon& Art Nouveau, adore (especially urban) fantasy books and geeky tv shows and am mostly a rocker/metalhead. I am from Thessaloniki, Greece which is one of the prettiest greek cities and I really miss living there. I’m 28, mum of three little boys. I usually do fanart but I do original art as well. I think vectoring is addictive.

I have attended Graphic Design classes but I’m mostly self taught. My arch nemesis is Adobe Illustrator. I’ve never managed working on it without cursing everything on sight, contrary to Photoshop which I love.

If you have already bought something I designed, thank you so much! and feel free to post a picture on my Facebook page ! I’d be delighted!

You can also post your photos right here in the Redbubble buyers booth!

  • Age: 29
  • Joined: April 2008


Jayne hat sale

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Art prints

Hello people! / If you like something I designed or drew but want it as a print instead of a tee please let me know and I’ll make it available for you :) Same goes with my artwork, I can easily slap my stuff on tees so don’t hesitate to send me a message! / Thanks to everyone who have already bought something, you’re making my internet possible!
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Win free stickers!

Attention people! If you post a picture of yourself here or on my Facebook page in any of my tees until 1st of August, you have a chance to win stickers of your choice from my redbubble shop
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Sticker Spam

Sorry for the added work spam, just fixed some designs for stickers :)
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