Welease Wodewick! ... from Life of Brian by Brother Adam

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Welease Wodewick! ... from Life of Brian by 

This is one of my favorite lines from Monty Python’s Life Of Brian… classic!

There are so many classic lines in this movie… and here is the scene this line is from… for all you Python fans:



CROWD: [cheering]
PILATE: People of Jewusalem!
CROWD: [chuckling]
PILATE: Wome is your fwiend.
CROWD: [laughing]
PILATE: To pwove our fwiendship, it is customawy at this time to welease a wongdoer fwom our pwisons.
CROWD: [laughing]
GUARD #3: [chuckling]
PILATE: Whom would you have me welease?
BOB HOSKINS: Welease Woger!
CROWD: Yes! Welease Woger! Welease Woger! [laughing]
PILATE: Vewy well. I shall welease Woger!
CROWD: [cheering]
CENTURION: Sir, uh, we don’t have a ‘Woger’, sir.
CENTURION: Uh, we don’t have anyone of that name, sir.
PILATE: Ah. We have no ‘Woger’!
CROWD: Ohhhhh!
BOB: Well, what about Wodewick, then?
CROWD: Yes! Welease Wodewick! Welease Wodewick!
PILATE: Centuwion, why do they titter so?
CENTURION: Just some, uh, Jewish joke, sir.
PILATE: Are they… wagging me?
CENTURION: Oh, no, sir!
GUARD #3: [chuckling]
PILATE: Vewy well. I shall welease… Wodewick!
CROWD: [laughing]
CENTURION: Sir, we don’t have a ‘Roderick’ either.
PILATE: No ‘Woger’? No ‘Wodewick’?
CENTURION: Sorry, sir.
PILATE: Who is this ‘Wod’—
GUARD #1: [chuckle]
PILATE: Who is the ‘Wodewick’ to whom you wefer?
BOB: He’s a wobber!
CROWD: [laughing]
MAN: And a wapist!
CROWD: [laughing]
WOMAN: And a pickpocket!
CROWD: Yeah! Ahh, no! No! Shh! Shh!…
PILATE: He sounds a notowious cwiminal.
CENTURION: We haven’t got him, sir. Mm hm.
PILATE: Do we have anyone in our pwisons at all?
CENTURION: Oh, yes, sir. We’ve got, uh, ‘Samson’, sir.
PILATE: Samson?
CENTURION: Samson the Sadducee Strangler, sir. Uh, Silus the Syrian Assassin. Uh, several seditious scribes from Caesarea. Uhhh, sixty- seven seers from—
BIGGUS: Let me thpeak to them, Pontiuth!
CENTURION: Oh, no. Oh.
PILATE: Ah. Good idea, Biggus.
BIGGUS: Thitizens! We have Thamthon the Thadduthee Thtrangler, Thilus…
CROWD: [laughing]
BIGGUS: …the Athyrian Athathin, theveral theditiouth thcribth from Thaetharea, and…


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Brother Adam is a London born, Melbourne based creative with a random eye for the ridiculous.

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  • bellmusker
    bellmuskerabout 5 years ago

    It took me a second, but then the chuckles mounted….Centuwion, why do they titter so? still renders me completely helpless with mirth. Nice work indeed, Adam!

  • lol… thanks :o) …nothing like a bit of classic Monty Python to warm the cockles!

    – Brother Adam

  • Alexandra Felgate
    Alexandra Felgateabout 5 years ago

    It’s a classic.

  • Thanks Alexandra!

    – Brother Adam

  • Lisa Defazio
    Lisa Defazioabout 5 years ago

    lol I had forgotten all about that part! :)

    Caught some of History of the world part one/Mel Brooks the other day :)

  • I haven’t seen that for years… have to make a trip to the video shop over the weekend!

    – Brother Adam

  • Dee Boylan
    Dee Boylanabout 5 years ago


  • Thanks Dee :o)

    – Brother Adam

  • Lisa Defazio
    Lisa Defazioabout 5 years ago

    “walk this way”

  • lol!

    – Brother Adam

  • Casey Herman
    Casey Hermanalmost 5 years ago

    I love where Brian(?), being chased by the Centurions, falls from a tower, lands in a spaceship that’s being chased by another spaceship and they fly half way round the universe before the chasers eventually shoots the first spaceship which crashes right about where Brian would’ve landed if he’d fallen unimpeded anyway.
    This is all watched by a beggar leaning against the tower, who watches Brian step unscathed from a potentially deadly fall, saved by a spaceship and a flight around the outer space, and then getting shot down and crashing where he would’ve fallen anyway.
    As Brian brushes off the dust, the beggar just mumbles “lucky shit!”

  • lol… pure gold!!

    – Brother Adam

  • Casey Herman
    Casey Hermanalmost 5 years ago

    Oh, and welease wodewick’s hot! ;D

  • thanks again for the spelling suggestion ;o) … I wonder if anyone else noticed!

    – Brother Adam

  • rudeboyskunk
    rudeboyskunkalmost 5 years ago

    There is no way that anyone can look at that Tshirt and keep a straight face… thats a winner

  • lol… thanks mate… one for the true monty Python fans ;o)

    – Brother Adam

  • Bryan Freeman
    Bryan Freemanalmost 5 years ago

    I’m Brian and so is my wife!

  • ha ha ha… another classic line!!

    – Brother Adam

  • Bryan Freeman
    Bryan Freemanalmost 5 years ago

    I have a t-shirt, bought in Camden Markets (London) “Judean Peoples Front” and whenever I wear it people come up and say lines from the film to me. It’s awesome and so is this t-shirt.

  • ha ha.. that’s excellent Bryan! I know Camden Market very well… my brother sells retro & mod clothing there and at Portobello Market!

    – Brother Adam

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