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Another day

Another day and my son is just getting worse. His feet are in really bad shape. I
think it’s because he can not wear shoes any longer. I’ve written to another attorney
hoping he can help. Whatever. The attorney he has now hasn’t returned and
phone messages, or his paralegal hasn’t responded to my e-mail of last week. I
know deep down inside that what the attorney wants is a huge settlement but
that’s now what the issue is and no one seems to understand that. Even one of
my good friends was shocked that he did not settle. This is such a “money” world.
Sure money is nice and all that but without your health you have nothing. I told that
insurance aduster the other day that he could just sit and wait for Steve to settle but
he wouldn’t and then I told him that I felt sorry for him because he was going to be
judged. And I do feel sorry for him. Sorry that his job is that of hurting people. I
have searched the internet and read horror stories of people on workmans compensation. A lot of people think “fraud” when they hear workmans comp but
I know for a fact that not everyone is making fraudulent claims. My teacher worked
as a p.i. for these workmans comp claims. And being fully trained in their tactics
and way of thinking makes me sick to think that anyone would even think of abusing
the system for a few bucks is just plain Inexcuseable. The very idea that an insurance company was pay for a private detective shows how manipulative and
money hungry they are. P.I’s are extremely expensive. So why not pay for the
surgery. I’ve had a p.i. set outside my home and I just invited him in to take a looksy.
He drove off. You know they say it takes one to know one. He was just too obvious.
Oh well maybe today will prove to be better for my son.

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