Word for the day: Backup

So, stupid me didn’t backup my hard drive, and when my power supply decided it was time to go bye-bye, and take my motherboard along for the ride, I was forced to go and see the sleazy local computer guy who I swore I would never go to after he buggered up my last computer. But hey, he’s cheap, and I didn’t have the cash for a super computer, so he was my last resort.

I picked it up today, after 2 weeks of digital nothingness, and he assured me that everything would be just as it was. I was most worried about my art files, and the programs I use to make them. Well, for some stupid reason, he decided that the 10+Gig Poser folder wasn’t needed, and he didn’t think much of the Photoshop one either, so he killed them, along with all my other programs, security, bookmarks, and all my settings.

I am very unimpressed, but it’s my fault really. I should have backed up my computer more often (or at all). You would think I’d have learned my lesson since this has already happened twice so far. Me feeling very stupid.

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