Hi Artists and Art Lovers!

I’ve been painting cityscapes for about 12 years now and would love to know what you think. (I need sun AND rain in order to grow, so please don’t be shy…)

Please check out my site at www.ashleywellsart.com

If you see a piece on my site you don’t see here, drop me a line, and I’ll be sure to add the image to my Bubble list. My resume can be found on my site, but my artist statement is below.


Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. -Auguste Rodin


When asked where I’m from, I am often tempted to reply, “Nowhere.” After moving 37 times, I am, as T.S. Eliot so aptly put it, “Familiar with the roads but settled nowhere.” Moving from place to place dominates the foreground of my experience. The mid ground is preoccupied with my responsibilities to others, so in the background, lurks my compelling need to find my place through my art.

In my desire to carve out my space, I seek out places to paint that are slowly losing their foothold in our modern world. The uninhabited, unfrequented and unclaimed are best suited for resurrection in my work. They are places we know but never think to notice. They are nowhere.

When I move to a new city, I get lost shifting the shapes of the buildings and signs around me, tracing the lines and edges that meet on a roof top, and hearing the faint tale told by the well-worn broom propped by a back door. Painting nowhere suits me because for a time, it isn’t nowhere, it is home.

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