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Ghosts - new album and amazing photography/artwork

For those who are not fans of Nine Inch Nails, they are an American / Alternative/Electronica/Rock band who have been around performing since 1988. / Trent Reznor, the frontman and only solid member of the band is the creative driving force – he composes, plays and sings the songs in the studio with the help of several audio engineers and producers. / His latest offering is a 4 volume set …
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RedBubble Exposure

I love it how almost every design magazine I’ve read in the past few months, RedBubble has been a feature. / DeskTop:, CREATIVE, Digital Art, etc. etc. / Congratulations RedBubble team. You deserve it all.
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I bought a ton of shirts. Hopefully pics and more soon.

So I bought a bunch of my fav shirts from RedBubble a while ago. / I will take some pics soon and post them. / Soon. / Whenever that will be.
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Wooo! Another RedBubble feature, this time in DeskTop:

Yesss! My favourite Aussie Digitals Arts and culture magazine has a really big feature on RedBubble! Buy the February issue now! (It’s only $8) / The article looks at how the community has developed, and several competitions and winning entries.
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