Ghosts - new album and amazing photography/artwork

For those who are not fans of Nine Inch Nails, they are an American
Alternative/Electronica/Rock band who have been around performing since 1988.

Trent Reznor, the frontman and only solid member of the band is the creative driving force – he composes, plays and sings the songs in the studio with the help of several audio engineers and producers.

His latest offering is a 4 volume set of 36 instrumentals, “a soundtrack for daydreams,” Reznor describes the album.

The album is released under Creative Commons, it is available in a wide range of formats: MP3, double CD, a package with: the 2xCD, multitracks on DVD, and a deluxe book, and finally the super-deluxe limited edition which includes all that as well as a copy of the album on vinyl.

Rob Sheridan collaborated with Artist in Residence (A+R) to create the accompanying visual and physical aesthetic. Photography by Phillip Graybill and Rob Sheridan, with additional photography: Tamar Levine

The link between the art and music is powerful with this album, as each song has its own artwork embeded in the audio file. All forms also include a book with full colour artwork and photos, not those little crapy digipacks that you get with a normal cd.

Trent Reznor called the project “a wildly varied body of music that we’re able to present to the world in ways the confines of a major record label would never have allowed — from a 100 percent DRM-free, high-quality download, to the most luxurious physical package we’ve ever created”.

Nine Inch Nails last album ‘Year Zero’ was released in April, 2007. Reznor had a public fallout with his label, Universal Music, over the retail cost of the album.

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