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I always wanted a tail. A soft and furry tail. Wings to match and a quadruped form.

I shy from the sun and I live in my ‘cave’ and like things to stay cold, dark and dreary. I don’t like the sheep, I do like wolves and cats and dragons.
Noise frustrates me.

Can’t draw for shit and my writing is weird and always left up to interpretation. I usually get in fights with my teachers when they try and get me to conform and if you wanna talk to be expect me to state my opinion.
I don’t know the meaning of tact, being a full on pessimist, although i can be sympathetic when I need to be.

Is all

  • Joined: February 2010


Coming back to the Bubble

I have not written in six months. / In this I am serious. I have not writting stories of any length, parts for my writing sagas, worked on my novels and about the only creative stuff I wrote was for my english exams. / I plan to fix this. Hopefully I will soon be uploading again and continuing many of my writing stories and sagas and all that. / For those of you that know me know that I am a very…
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Writing Chronicle

A list of all my works. A bit later on I will go through and add in a small description and quote for all of the singular works. For WIP stories only a general overview is included. / Singular Works / 1. Chains of Silence / 2. Two Eyes / 3. Don’t Know How / 4. Wings of Earth / 5. On the Path / 6. Apart of Me / 7. Wet Cheeks / 8. Head of a Half / 9. Spirit Trails / 10. I do not exist / 11. H…
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Ten Facts about you - Everyone must read

• 10 facts about you / 1. You’re reading my comment / 2. You’re realizing that’s a stupid fact / 4. You didn’t notice I skipped three / 5. You’re checking now / 6. You’re smiling / 7. You’re still reading my comment / 9. You didn’t realize I skipped eight / 10. You’re checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again. / 11. You are en…
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Helpful Strangers

I am amazed by the helpful ness of the people on here, and their creativity / I have joined writing sites before and been on many many roleplay sites but never have i had the same help that I have found here or that I have been able to get just from a few strangers. / There is also an amazing amount of talent and creativity on the site that just being on here is insparational. / Okay your all p…
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Recently Added


A whispered blessing to help speed her on her way and a promise to meet her, once i was done here. She took off quickly, with a speed that …


She looked at me with disgust. Webs and horns exposed, skirt and shift instead of robes. And most shockingly of all my eyes were the natura…

Chains of Silence

People entered the cell, she did not move but every muscle in her body immediately tensed. They stopped and looked at her for a second and …

Seven Terraces

Seven Terraces / Seven Sins / Seven Shadows / Seven Angels / Seven Stars / Seven Keys / … Seven Redemptions

Don’t Know How

I would love to cry… but I don’t know how / I would love to scream… but I’m not sure why / I would love to laugh…

Safe At Home – Alessa Saga 5

Now she looked like any other homeless person. Adding in a limp, that wasn’t that hard to fake she found herself home before the sun …

Walk on Memories – Alessa Saga Part 4

“You know I have to ask. You know who she is, what she is, what he history is and what she is well capable of becoming. So just answe…

Never Ending Corridors – Alessa Saga 3

Alessandra descended to a bottomless pit of fear and pain and the confusion of her own mind. She could not focus on anything. Her body whim…

Darkness in the Dawn – Alessa Saga Part 2

“Please. Let us help you. Come with us.” / Alessandra pushed back, shrunk as far away as she could. And then with a single moti…

Blood Covered Soul – Alessa Saga part 1

And slowly it’s tears rolled down, slowly it was no longer wolf, but woman. Cold, bloodied woman, torn and beaten. And she had nothing left
Dead Life Prolouge by Aryanna Aetha

Apart of me

Dear child, do not weep for him. Do not cry, do not scream with the pain of his loss. He was troubled. he is at peace now.
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