Walk on Memories - Alessa Saga Part 4

Darrin left her so she could get some rest a few hours later. He closed the door behind him, very gently but even that noise was too loud for her now to sensitive ears. He had bandaged up her hands loosely but enough so that she could not use her fingers or so that she could rub at any of the only slowly healing wounds. She looked around the room for the first time and saw where she was. The dark walls, the metal floor and roof. This place was cold, clean, and confining like a cage. The idea made her vomit. She looked at her right wrist. There were deep cuts there showing the shape of a full, half and crescent moon, and a single hole at the bottom. Ignoring the rising terror, the unforgiving pain in her body she clutched the sheet to her to cover her bare and broken body and slid off the bed onto the ground. She didn’t even try to stand, she knew full well that she didn’t have the strength for that, she could feel it in every inch of her body. She pulled herself along the floor with one hand, struggling because of the bandage and made it to the door. With all the effort she had left to summon she pulled it open two inches, enough to let in, to see Nate and Darrin in conversation across the other empty room, enough to hear them.

“She’s been through a lot,” Darrin said, rubbing his hands over his face. A simple motion which he had picked up years ago from someone long dead. The simple motion made tear roll from her eyes, she rested her head against the floor, neck not strong enough to hold it up.
“If the way in which we found her didn’t show that the wounds on her body certainly do,” Nate said back. They were barely looking at each other.
“John said they were caused by silver.”
“Come on, Darrin. You know her better then any of us. Or you say you do. Silver burns don’t leave the flesh on the edges unmarked, they don’t tear and they certainly don’t show signs on healing in a couple of days. John said that because he doesn’t want it to be anything else. You know that.”
Darrin didn’t respond. he gave a sharp look at Nate who responded just as sharply and looked away. It was Darrin who took breathe to speak, but Nate who’s words made it out first and strongest.

“Is she safe?” He said calmly, he could have been asking for a biscuit.
Darrin opened his mouth to argue but never got the chance.
“You know I have to ask. You know who she is, what she is, what he history is and what she is well capable of becoming. Her strength, speed, the sheer skill of her mind is unparalleled when she is plain Alessa let alone when under the influence of the moon. So just answer the question. Is she still safe?”
Darrin cried, torn in conflict between two loyalties. Alessa, still watching through the door, felt her own tears come faster then before, memories rushing through her head to fast to filter. She only wished to hear one word, the word no one had ever said in answer to that question. But she wasn’t to hear it today.
“I don’t know.”
Those three words broke her heart.

She didn’t hear anything else of their conversation. Didn’t have the mental strength to hear and absorb it. And if she did she had forgotten by the time that he tears were over. Come now. What did you expect him to say? Don’t be foolish. A wolf can’t run with the chain of man around it’s neck so why do you keep trying weakling? Her mind whispered to her. She clutched at her ears and whimpered. The voice kept going, she had not the strength left to ignore it. This is how John found her what seemed like hours later. He bent down, and without touching her spoke two simple words that brought her back to this twisted grey reality she called home.
“You okay?” He whispered them as quietly as he could, before words only became thoughts. She slowed her tears and managed to raise herself to lean against the door frame.

“I can’t stay here,” She cried. To herself more then anyone else although it was John that answered.
“I know. But can you leave Darrin again? Can you do to him what you did to Lukys?”
She had no answer.

Walk on Memories - Alessa Saga Part 4

Aryanna Aetha

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Part 4 of the Alessa Saga
Parts 1 – 3 can be found the writing section of my profile

Again just another, im bored and want to write something session. No idea where this came from although this is V2 as my comp decided it would break down half way through V1, before I even got to post it.

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