Darkness in the Dawn - Alessa Saga Part 2

She climbed slowly to her feet holding the mud covered and wet rag around her. She lent against the wall, barely to able to support herself on her wounded and battered legs. The rain had stopped an hour ago, but that that gave her much of a break. The blood and fluid from her wounds still coated her body. She pushed herself up slowly, holding the rag around her with one hand, using the other to support herself against the wall, the dumpster, anything within reach. Staying to the shadows Alessandra looked out into the street. People were swarming around and there was no way that she could walk out there in full view. She slunk awkwardly back into the shadows of the alley way. If he legs were whole she could have easily climbed up onto the roof. But they were in terrible pain, threatening to give out at any moment. Her arms hurt as well and her neck. Every part of her screamed for a reprieve. Her eyes flashed for just a second and she felt something rise up within her, a darkness that was all too near. She pushed it back panting with the effort that it took, amazed that she still had the strength to do so. She closed her eyes for a second. Slowly she climbed up onto the dumpster lid. She bit her lip so hard it was bleeding again, something to stop her from crying out.

When she was on to dumpster she was closer to the roof, but it was still require a fair jump. And she was not sure if she was capable of it. Her legs were weak and if she hit it too hard she would break her legs. She looked around. That would work. There was a smaller backstreet to the side with a wall that was much easier to climb over. She moved over to it and jumped, easier herself down the side. She still hit the ground hard though. And she screamed with the pain as her lags gave out finally. She couldn’t keep going. She just couldn’t. She knew how she could get home. it would be easy. Come on, Alessandra, you can’t do this. Let me. i can help you. Can save you Something whispered to her, far more ominous then anything else left in her world.
“Go away. Please go away.” She whispered to herself. There was no one else the alley. Well, their wasn’t. She heard someone talking on their radio. Emergency services. Oh no. She couldn’t face them. She just couldn’t. She wouldn’t be able to stop herself. She pushed into the wall, giving into her fear rather then her pain. A man walked into the alley way. She pulled the rag she was been using as clothes over her. Too late.

She knew if went with them they would take bloods and find out what she was, they would ask her questions that she couldn’t answer and put her in a room that was far to small for her needs. She stopped breathing with the sheer fear of the idea. She had been caught once before. By the government. It was not a good experience. They had a file on her. And now the militia had one on her as well. This world was getting smaller for her all of the time. The rag was pulled off her gently but Alessandra still couldn’t stop herself from flinching, trying to hide from the light. The man gasped at the sight of her, the mess she was in and muttered something on his radio. He was quickly joined with another. Together they stood over her, frantically asking her questions. Who was she? Was she okay? What happened? Where did she live? Can they call anyone? The other man trying to reassure her. ‘Its all gonna be okay’. ’You’re safe now’. ’We’re not gonna hurt you’. ‘We can help’. Pointless phrases, they meant nothing her her.

The first man pulled out his bag and grabbed a couple of medicinal pads from it, and some oxygen. She allowed the oxygen to be placed on her, she was struggling to breathe as it was. But when he offered the medical pads to her for her wounds she pushed away. Medicine pads. No. No. They had healing metals in them. Silver. For the love of everything light in the world she could not have silver on her. He very gently brushed one against her skin, not where a sore was. She whimpered and hisses. She was not able to speak to them. The battle in her mind was taking all her strength. She just wanted it to stop. That infernal whispering to stop and let her think, let her escape. But it didn’t. He pulled away when she yelled. And only seconds later a massive bruise appeared where the pad had touched her. The men whispered frantically to themselves. And then they spoke to her and said words she wished never to hear.

“miss, we have to take you to the hospital. These are too deep. You could loose all function in your limbs. Please. Let us help you. Come with us.”
Alessandra pushed back, shrunk as far away as she could. And then with a single motion knocked both of them out. She cried with the pain as her hand hit their heads, reopening the wound on her hand. She gathered herself and using the wall pushed herself to their phones. She opened the covering and typed in a number with one finger. The darkness took her. A mangle of pain and noise and voices. Of fear and overwhelming sadness. On the edge of her mind, in a place beyond where she heard of fear and suffering she heard new voices, the voices of friends. She raised herself enough to hear them, to open her eyes.
“Oh, Gods. Its Alessa. HELP! COME ON ITS ALESSA!” One man screamed. She tried to shield her ears only to moan quietly and cry with the pain, all she had the energy left to do. Five other men rushed over, all horrified. Together they very gently picked her up, avoiding her wounds and pushed her into the ambulence. A man was waiting for her.
“Lessa, Lessa its Darrin. Can you hear me? Come on, Lessa.”

The darkness took her again.

Darkness in the Dawn - Alessa Saga Part 2

Aryanna Aetha

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Artist's Description

Part 1 of the Alessa Saga

FEATURED in Midnight Ramblers on the 26/7/10

This is part two. Written specifically for this saga I decided I wanted to show a bit more of Alessa directly after she escaped. I like how it came out even if it was a bit weird.
I also wanted to show a bit more of the battle between her violent and her peaceful side.

If you bothered to read her character profile Darrin is a new character. Im sort of backtracking here from the original roleplaying, blending her history from her original profile into her plot that I came up with.

part 3 to come.

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